The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 10: Body Peace and Redefining Beauty w/ Nina Manolson

Welcome Nina Manolson to the Whole View! This week, Stacy and Nina discuss body-peace and redefining beauty. Nina shares her experience in the body-peace space and her journey to becoming comfortable in her skin.

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Key Takeaways


  • Nina Manolson is a Body-Peace® coach. She helps people end the war with food and body and finally feel truly at home in their body—as it is. What I love about this is that for so many of our listeners, we truly have been fighting a battle of chronic illness, not just about weight. I think the work you do will resonate with so many!
  • Nina is known for her deeply feminist, anti-diet, body-peace and redefining beauty approach. She brings her 30 years experience as a therapist, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Body-Trust® Guide and Psychology of Eating Teacher to helping women create a respectful and trusting relationship with their food and body.
  • Nina’s Body-Peace work is all in service of helping people get off the diet roller-coaster, and into a compassionate and powerful way of eating & living which creates a positive long-lasting change in and with their bodies. Her courses, coaching and poetry positively change the conversation that women are having with their body. She also writes Body-Poems as a way to encourage a shift in the way we talk to, and about our body.

Body-Peace and Redefining Beauty

  • Even the term “body positive,” though it’s very-well intentioned, can start to feel aspirational. It’s why Nina has settled into body-peace as the work we need to do as women. It’s a relationship that feels respectful, responsive, supportive, connected.
  • Body-peace and redefining beauty does not happen overnight there are mental health and emotional parts. Nina’s work in this arena started because she was a body worker— a massage therapist. She had her hands on women every day, and what she heard was their body’s story. It wasn’t just muscles, and tendoins, and bones. It was this journey that their body had walked on with, through their whole lives. 
  • It’s imporant to actually pull apart two distinctions: disordered eating and eating disorders. Disordered eating is society getting in the way of you and what you’re eating. Many people are in the realm of disordered eating, whereas eating disorders are life-threatening. Disordered eating isn’t life threatening, but it is disruptive. And it makes life not as fun. 
  • Healthism is the idea that if we’re perfectly healthy, then we get the gold star. If we’re always eating the anti inflammatory diet, then we get the gold star. If we have access to the nutritionist and the organic foods, the juices, then we can say we’re trying hard, and then we get to feel good in your body. That’s. Not. The. Truth.  
  • We get to have a relationship with our body, a caring, nourishing, compassionate, respectful, responsive relationship with our body no matter what.
  • Body peace is a relationship that’s sustainable. It’s not always perfect, but it’s a home you want to live and work in. It’s about feeling good in your skin and not constantly feeling like you’re digusted with yourself. It’s reclaiming and redefining what is beauty and acceptance. 

Topics discussed:

Am I bigger than her?

Am I bigger than her?

I am asking:

Am I less attractive?

Less powerful?

Less likeable?

Less worthy than her?


If I’m bigger than her, then I’m 

Less than her

If I’m smaller than her, then I’m

More than her


And her size and her size and her size

My self worth going up and down with each comparison

Scoring points in a game against myself

There’s always someone bigger

And always someone smaller

There’s no winning this game


It’s just reducing women to their size

Aren’t we bigger than that


  • The 14 ways to Learn to Love Your Body:
    1. Notice the body talk
    2. Take off the star studded glasses
    3. Give back the “perfect body” expectation
    4. Go critic-free
    5. Find the pleasure in your life
    6. Gratitude
    7. Self-care
    8. Get real about your body type
    9. Step of the scale
    10. Listen to what your body is telling you
    11. Ditch the compare and despair
    12. Wear clothes that feel really good
    13. Find your movement style
    14. Respect YOUR rhythms 
  • What are 3 action items Nina recommends for someone on the path to body peace? Start a conversation with your body, cultivate this conversation, and get support because there is just so much shame out there.)

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