The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 06: The Science Behind Astrology

Welcome Aliza Kelly to the Whole View! This week, Aliza and Stacy discuss the science behind Astrology to determine how and what impact the stars and planets have on us. Aliza explains how Astrology fits into a science-forward world, and what Astrology can tell us about ourselves.

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Key Takeaways

The Science Behind Astrology

  • Stacy identifies as “astro-curious” or “astro-agnostic.” She’s somewhere between the hard no and the-stars-tell-us-everything. She has done two previous shows on the science behind astrology with our resident scientist, Sarah Ballantyne, Episodes 299 and 470
  • The key takeaway was that the nature of the mechanism that makes it possible for an object as small as the human body to be affected by changes in gravity associated with lunar tidal cycles is unclear and is a question for future research.
  • Today, we get to hear the other side of the argument from Astrologer Aliza Kelly, astrologer to the stars. In fact, Stacy even originally found her through Instagram celebrity accounts. 
  • For every one person genuinely interested in astrology, there’s one condescending person who’s equally obsessed with “debunking” it. They make snide remarks, and when Aliza is asked to “prove” astrology’s legitimacy, people are often shocked by her response: As an astrologer, she truly does not care if astrology is “real.”

Topics Discussed

  • The word “pseudoscience” is very triggering for many astrologists, and some astrologers will argue that astrology is a science. Aliza isn’t one of them. While there might be science behind astrology, Aliza does not think of astrology as its own science; therefore, it’s not pseudoscience.
  • Aliza responds to the comment, “Imagine thinking your behavior is affected by the position of the planets that are millions of miles away.”
  • Astrology is a practice of empathy. And we use the stars, planets, and celestial bodies to understand ourselves as multidimensional beings. We recognize how we act isn’t always how we feel and what we do isn’t always what we desire. 
  • But just because feelings aren’t quantifiable in a scientific way doesn’t mean that astrology can’t impact someone’s life.
  • However, Aliza doesn’t claim astrology’s role inside the scientific space or apply the scientific method to it. She sees it more as art or poetry and believes there’s a lot of ignorance and patriarchal standards that devalue what the cosmos influence on us as organic beings. 
  • She loves to talk about the signs as celebrities because they are modern-day mythological figures. In ancient Greece, if you said ‘Athena,’ everyone who she was, it’s the same with astrology now.


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