The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 02: How Lifestyle Helps and Hurts with Jennifer Robins (dynamic neural retraining system)

Welcome Jennifer Robins to the Whole View! This week, Stacy and Jen discuss her experience with invisible illness and why self-advocation and lifestyle is so important to taking control of your health. We dive deep into how emotional and physical wellness are closely tied, and discuss options for both. Learn how dynamic neural retraining system, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialect behavioral therapy and Zoloft can help. They were missing elements that dietary changes alone could not solve!

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Key Takeaways


  • It’s not Jennifer’s first time on the podcast, but it’s the first time Stacy feels like she gets to introduce listeners to the both of them in their true authentic relationship. They are partners with Beautycounter! Jen is Stacy’s mentor, which has kept them close for many years long after Jen moved from Northern Virginia.
  • Jennifer always had very good health growing health, but as stresses started to amount in her 20s, that’s when the cracks started to show. She had no dietary issues, allergies, or health issues prior, but she began having panic attacks for reasons she couldn’t put her finger on. She just did not feel healthy. This impacted many issues in her life, including food. Because it was an “invisible illness,” she experienced a lot of dismissive doctors before actually getting a Hashimoto’s and autoimmune diagnoses.  

Listener Question

Hello Stacy! (That feels weird to write… RIP Sarah, but thank you Stacy for keeping the pod alive!) I was really interested in the tidbit in today’s episode about multiple chemical sensitivities potentially being caused through anxiety / limbic system pathways. I’d love to hear more about this. Long story short, I’m dealing with what I. can only describe as nervous system over-activation, primarily manifesting as major food sensitivities, but also insomnia, feelings of rapid heart beat, etc.

What does the research say about what the best method of limbic system retraining is? There are a lot of mindfulness type programs out there, but it’s hard to know what’s BS and what’s legit. One thing that’s helped me is a device called the Apollo Neuro, which is why I think my issue is nervous-system related,  but I clearly need something more. Thank you so much!

What We Can Do

  • Multiple chemical and food sensitives, lifestyle, nervous system over-activation, and increased symptoms from anxiety and  limbic system pathways can contribute to unexplained symptoms. It can seem like a lot of different diagnosis happening at once. But in reality, they all work together to take advantage of a weak spot in your immune system, which can cause a cascade effect. 
  • When it comes to approaching health, you have 3 approach options (or a combo of them): you can add in (supplementation or medication), take away (such as toxins or inflammatory foods), and accept the things you don’t have the power to change.
  • Jennifer experienced a lot of pushback when trying to figure out what was going on with her health. As a new mom, doctors even told her it was “normal” to feel the way she did. She joined Facebook groups with people who were experiencing similar health problems. What she discovered is many didn’t have the focus on health or improving lifestyle. As a consequence, many of them were full of people who were keeping each other sick. It required a mindset shift – enter dynamic neural retraining system.

Topics discussed:

    • Nervous system over-activation
    • Increased symptoms from anxiety and limbic system pathways
      • DNRS – dynamic neural retraining system
      • Gupta Program (alternate option: Annie Hopper)
      • Dr. Joe Dispinza’s resources: You are the Placebo, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
      • Stacy suggests CBT – available in Wondrium and with clinicians through BetterHelp
      • DBT: Dialectical Behavior Training
      • Medicinal support and anti-anxiety prescription (Zoloft) Stacy & Jen both take (we recommend you discuss with a doctor)
    • Medical harm from doctors and medical professionals believing it is in your head
    • Apollo Neuro: A wearable hug, for your not-so-nervous system
  • Stacy has plans for Jen to come back, including as her alternate persona! So get ready to meet Ester and Loretta to discuss more in a future episode. 

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  1. Dr. Joe Dispinza: You are the Placebo, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  2. Stacy suggests CBT which are available in Wondrium and clinicians through BetterHelp:
  3. DBT: Dialectical Behavior Training


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Note: Stacy and her guests are not medical professionals. This podcast is for general educational purposes and NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. We always recommend you consult a licensed service provider.

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