The Whole View, Episode 484:  Answering Listener Questions LIVE!

Welcome to episode 484 of The Whole View! This week, Stacy and Dr. Sarah answer listener questions from their live Q&A session on Patreon!

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The Whole View, Episode 484:  Answering Listener Questions LIVE!

Welcome to episode 484 of the Whole View! (1:20)

This week is a unique show where Stacy and Dr. Sarah reshare some of their favorite listener questions from their live Q&A session on Patreon.

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When is the best time to Joovv, and can it cause insomnia?

Joovv is intense red light, so there’s a lot of evidence showing it stabilizes circadian rhythm and improves sleep quality. However, there’s no science showing using it in the evening interferes with sleep.

For more, see Joovv Red Light Therapy for Pain Management and Episode 315: The Scoop on Red Light and Infrared Therapy 

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Why did Dr. Sarah partner with Serenity Kids, starting with their toddler formula, and is there an infant formula in the works?

Dr. Sarah’s contribution to Serenity Kids A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula was to research mature breast milk nutrient content and targets. She handed all that research off to food scientists at Serenity kids, who researched individual ingredients. Nutrient content changes so much in that first year, so the goal was to get the formula as close as possible to the contents of mature breast milk.

Nutritionally, the toddler formula meets all the FDA requirements for infant formula. The reason it’s not is approved is because some of the other requirements for approval include very thorough feeding studies. Serenity Kids is looking into that option in the future, but it’s a long process and, at this point, incredibly expensive.


Vitamin D

For more on Vitamin D, see show Episode 354: Everything Vitamin D.


What tips do you have for setting boundaries around treats for preschoolers without making sugar seem more exciting?

Many positive and negative connotations come with food, and you can still have foods we often consider “bad” foods and still be healthy. Stacy and Dr. Sarah are both guilty of being afraid of sugar at some point in their journeys, and that demonizing foods like sugar made it more alluring to their kids as they got older.

Stacy recommends coming at it from a view of- yes, sugar is good, but so are other foods like broccoli and veggies, and that there’s a time and a place for all food choices. Dr. Sarah also differentiates between healthy treats and desserts and allows for a certain threshold of sugar that she doesn’t worry about. She frames desserts as special and not something they’re in the habit of getting every day just because they want it.

For more, see Episode 467: Can You Eat Sugar Everyday And Still Be Healthy?


Is it ok for my child to have a banana at every meal even though it doesn’t help with food variety?

The more variety, the better for obvious reason, but Dr. Sarah wouldn’t worry about it right now. The nutrients in bananas are great for growing and relaxing, and kids need more carbs than adults. If you can swap one banana out for a different fruit, even better, but you’re giving your child great food that supports growth, so what you’re doing is great.


How can we balance superfoods that might not have a great nutrivore score but are good for the gut?

Nutrivore score is just a way of quantifying nutrients per calorie food has because it’s vital to identify the healthiest foods. However, it is not the only piece of information. Dr. Sarah will include how we define beyond Nutrivore score in the Nutrivore Guidebook and on her new site,

For more on Nutrivore:


Is filtered water better in skincare products, and does Beautycounter use or plan to use it in their products?

Beautycounter uses the highest level of water filtration. They also run multiple tests for heavy metals and contaminants that might be introduced via water. Stacy adds that no other skincare and makeup brand runs tests like this. Stacy believes there’s absolute validity in filtered water, and it’s one of the reasons why Beautycounter is doing these contaminate studies to see just what that impact is.


Do you have science on acupuncture?

Dr. Sarah hasn’t done a lot of research on it, but there’s a lot of science behind it. She hasn’t done much research on the topic to speak to it. If it’s something, you’d like to see, requesting topics on Patreon is the best way to get it in front of Stacy and Dr. Sarah.


Once your epic garden is in full bloom, how much do you think it will reduce your need for the farmer’s market?

Dr. Sarah is starting with 140 square feet with room to expand. She’s trying to plan it as being relatively straightforward to maintain and have it at 50% consumption. She’s planning to plant some fruit trees in the future as well.


How did you diagnose red dye sensitivity, and how do you avoid it?

Dr. Sarah did not get a doctor diagnosis for her oldest child but rather reported it to her daughter’s doctor for confirmation. Exposure is an emotional reaction, which starts with fury followed by crying inconsolably after consuming red dye. It helped that her brother was sensitive to food dye growing up, so it was much easier for her to identify. It was also such an immediate response it was hard to miss.

In terms of avoiding it, awareness is key. Requesting medication formulas without dyes is very easily accommodated. Also, most red dyes are in processed foods and candies, so knowing where exposure often happens makes it easier to avoid. Dr. Sarah’s daughter also doesn’t like how she feels when she has it, so she’s aware of avoiding it on her own now that she’s older.


Final Thoughts on Listener Questions

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