The Whole View, Episode 473: Answering Listener Questions LIVE!

Welcome to episode 473 of The Whole View! This week, Stacy and Dr. Sarah answer listener questions live from their Patreon channel! 

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The Whole View, Episode 473: Answering Listener Questions LIVE! 

Welcome back to episode 473! (0:28)

This week we have a special segment from the Q&A Live show Stacy, and Dr. Sarah held on their Patreon channel.

To keep it special for the Patreon fam is only some of the questions they answered. It was first come, first serve, and Stacy and Sarah will not be posting all the Q&As they do, so make sure you subscribe to their channel!

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As a reminder, Stacy and Dr. Sarah are not medical professionals. They are here to provide you with the science and personal experience, but you should always check in with your primary care physician.


Does the high transmissibility of the Covid-19 Delta Variant impact outdoor risks, specifically exercising outdoors where you are passing people?

So right now, there does seem to be increased transmissibility outdoors compared to the wild and alpha variants. However, the risk of outdoor transmission is still very low at around 10% (compared to 5%).

Indoor transition is still a much bigger risk, so masks and social distancing are still highly encouraged. But passing people outside while fully vaccinated is considered a very low-risk activity and falls under not wearing a mask.

Dr. Sarah wears a mask to her gym but does not walk her dog out on the trails despite the occasional passerby. Stacy’s pod has opened quite a bit in her neighborhood since she knows who’s vaccinated and is becoming more comfortable. However, as we learn more and the situation changes so rapidly, everything is subject to change.


 Are there any other healthy options for protein powders?

Stacy used to a bunch of protein powders when she used to lift competitively. What worked best for her at the time were beef protein powders and BCAAs. You can add them to almost anything if you’re not looking to eat a full meal.

Stacy did not have much luck with whey protein products, and pea protein caused her personally a little bit of gastrointestinal distress. Dr. Sarah gets this brand off Amazon she likes a lot. USDA Organic is an important label to look for when shopping for protein because of the high standard of care that goes into production.

However, she notes that you can’t find USDA Organic collagen and gelatin due to the process it undergoes. But there are USDA Organic whey and pea protein!

TWV supports Paleovalley for its protein products. They undergo rigorous testing and are willing to sacrifice and reject products that don’t meet their standard. Stacy doesn’t like bone broth protein in her drinks and prefers collagen peptides. She’s vetted Thrive for her collagen but doesn’t recommend collagen alone for post-workout.


Toothpaste with fluoride in it has a few ingredients Dr. Sarah had said weren’t ideal. What is best?

Dr. Sarah has a very in-depth article on her website that goes into all things toothpaste. Many studies show fluoride is very good for mineralizing the teeth, but we want to make sure we’re not consuming it. This is because systemic fluoride can accumulate in the brain and could impact melatonin production as we age.

Stacy trades off, using one toothpaste with fluoride and one without. Dr. Sarah adds that the most important thing for tooth health is to make sure you’re getting all the tartar off.


Is the asymptomatic transmissibility rate with vaccinated individuals high enough that we should assume anyone can have it, especially concerning our unvaccinated children?

We don’t really know the transmissibility rate of the Delta variant with vaccinated individuals yet. We just don’t have enough data yet to make a ruling. The idea of “breakthrough infections” is a bit problematic because it sounds like the vaccines are working when they are.

Because there are many question marks around the topic and we know we can still get the virus, keeping to the accepted procedure of masks and social distancing. You can venture out into the world with outside play and holiday gatherings, but you can always ask your relatives to get tested before attending.


Due to the increased viral load in the respiratory tract, does this mean that the virus could last longer on surfaces?

In the latter half of 2020, we learned that aerosols build up in the air and condense over time. Again, indoors is the biggest risk, and some evidence shows that 6-feet might not actually be enough to keep you “safe.”

In terms of surfaces, studies show the risk is 1/10,000 the risk of airborne. So it’s worst to walk by someone in the store than to touch something they’ve touched. So there may be more viral load on surfaces, but we’re still looking at very, very low risk.

Neither Stacy nor Dr. Sarah wipes their products anymore. However, Stacy does suggest thoroughly washing your hands when you get home and remove your mask.


With more viral load, are the droplets lasting in the air longer?

The dynamics of how droplets float or sink are not related to how much viral load is in the droplet itself. It’s related to the size of the droplet and the airflow. So that’s something that’s not going to change with Delta.

The smaller the droplet, the longer it will float. The best practice you can implement in this case is to open windows and turn on fans to increase airflow.


Is the Delta variant really not that bad because it’s not killing anyone?

Dr. Sarah states that’s unequivocally false. The US is now in the top 4 countries with the highest mortality rate in the world. Approximately 700-1000 Americans are dying every day, and the vast majority of them are unvaccinated.

To say the Delta Variant isn’t killing anyone is pure misinformation. The newest data suggests that not only is it more contagious than the original strain, but it’s also 2x as deadly. This misinformation is attributed to the way the Delta Variant was introduced to the public.

Conspiracy theorists took a grain of truth (originally thought to be the same deadliness) and extrapolated that into “not killing anyone,” which is simply not true. 


Is there any science that can give peace of mind to future long-term effects for my kids?

As a vaccine-hesitant person about a “temporarily approved,” “rushed mRNA vaccine,” she had many questions for Sarah. They’ve now done 7 shows on the vaccine. If you listened and felt comfortable enough to go through with it but are now second-guessing that decision, Stacy invites you to revisit those episodes to remind yourself why you originally felt ok.

The mRNA technology isn’t new or rushed. This is the first mass-produced vaccine using it, but scientists have been studying it for a decade. They even have an HIV/AIDS vaccine approaching human trials now using the same mRNA technology.

With the benefits of mRNA technology, we’re going to see a lot more vaccines coming out a lot more quickly. Dr. Sarah notes that the nanoparticles in the vaccine clear from your body within a few weeks. And if there’s nothing left of the vaccine in the body, there’s no way for it to impact you later.

Dr. Sarah is not concerned with the long-term impacts of the vaccine. However, she is EXTREMELY concerned with the long-term impacts of having Covid-19.


Would improving my diet help my 5-month old breast-fed baby’s Eczema?

Yes! Some things to think about outside of removing your trigger foods would be to improve your gut microbiome. You can do this by using probiotics or eating fermented foods. Also, check your vitamin D is critical for the skin barrier to ensure you’re getting enough of that.

Eczema comes from both sides- inside and out. Make sure you’re using nourishing creams and getting enough vitamin A, and D. Dr. Sarah recommends this company! You can also ask your doctor to check the baby’s vitamin D levels and about baby probiotics.

For more on skin, see Episode 431: Troubleshooting Dry Winter Skin, Emotional Impact of Eczema, and Episode 460: The Stress-Flare Cycle.


Are there people whose AI issues are so severe that they aren’t likely to succeed with re-intros?

This is a topic that comes up a lot in Dr. Sarah’s AIP lecture series. Generally, Dr. Sarah believes re-introductions are very important. It’s common to gain a (warranted) fear of food, but she suggests starting re-introductions with foods you haven’t tried before. This is because so many misconceptions come with the AIP. 

It’s important for dietary expansion, and there is much nutrient-dense food eliminated that’s great for the gut microbiome. If you have such severe sensitivity, that’s a big indicator that something else needs to be addressed.

Stacy adds that it’s a bit of a mental shift as well. So think about what you can add to your life and see if that eliminates a mental trigger.


Is it possible to have a healthy gut microbiome without an ileocecal valve?

Dr. Sarah isn’t sure. There is something called “short bowel syndrome” that basically means there’s not enough length in the bowel for all the bacteria to work like they’re meant to. That can lead to a lot of gut dysbiosis.

Adding a probiotic on top of Just Thrive can help, which your primary doctor can recommend.


Have there been any instances of weight gain after non-hospitalized Covid-19 or being prone to type-2 Diabetes?

Dr. Sarah has not seen any studies on weight gain, but some evidence suggests increased risk after Covid-19. This could be because you were pre-diabetic before, stress, or increased insulin sensitivity.

There could be a lot going on, such as a change in lifestyle. It might be smart to get your blood sugar, and insulin looked into just in case. Remember to give yourself some grace because the number on the scale isn’t everything.


Do you recommend taking 3 capsules of Just Thrive a day?

No, Sarah does not recommend this. The 10 billion CFU recommendation was for Bifida bacteria because they have a lot lower survivability. The probiotic in Just Thrive has a lot more survivability, and Just Thrive has tested it.


What foods or supplements would you recommend for a teen with anxiety and sleeping issues?

Dr. Sarah recommends talking to a physician before starting 5-HTP because it’s a neurotransmitter. However, Alphamine can be very helpful when applied topically and very relaxing. Magnesium, fish oil, and cod-liver oil are other avenues to explore, as well as a high-fish diet.

Lifestyle factors and strategies can also be helpful and finding alternative ways to manage stress. Mindfulness, pets, and the Just Breathe app are great to introduce. Generally, supplements alone will never be enough.

Therapy and coping strategies for behavioral modification come highly recommended by Stacy, including CBD treatment. Both Stacy and Dr. Sarah recommend One Farm for any of their CBD products. Also, be sure to brush up on the stress-sleep cycle!


Why do you no longer support Branch Basics?

Stacy chose her partners for 2021 with many different factors in mind, including personal values and changing quality standards. She decided this year she wanted to partner with Force of Nature because she liked that they have certifications for killing the virus. She also has seen great performance with their products.

Dr. Sarah still uses Branch Basics.


Do we see more severity in children infected by the Delta Variant?

At this point, it’s unclear whether the increased hospitalizations of kids is because of increased severity or increase of cases. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough data to really determine.

Asthma is an at-risk condition for children. Dr. Sarah recommends having a really good mask for your child to wear at school where masks aren’t mandatory. Stacy’s vaccinated kids can wear more comfortable masks, but her youngest is still wearing a high-grade one.


Can you respond specifically to the spike protein and debunk what a lot of conspiracy theorists are perpetuating?

The myth is that the spike protein our bodies produce in response to the vaccine circulates around our bodies and dis-regulate things.

When our cells produce the spike protein, it’s stabilized in its membrane, so when it binds to receptors in our bodies, it stays anchored to the cell’s membrane. So it doesn’t actually enter the cells or get into our blood.

For more on Covid-19 myths, see this previous episode


Final Thoughts

Thanks so much to everyone who joined our Q&A! 

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