The Wesley Waffle

Our youngest son Wesley has some exciting news he’d like share with you! The littlest brother of three foodie kids, who hold regular cooking competitions in our kitchen, can’t stop talking about the greatest culinary achievement of his life thus far… and really, we can’t blame him, because it. is. so. awesome.

In January we took a trip to California, where one of our must visit places was Mission Heirloom, a cafe in Berkeley with the most gorgeous and tasty food – all organic, all grain-free, with many AIP options as well. You may know them for their famous crispy crunchy AIP-friendly yuca crackers called Yucan Crunch (which are now available on Amazon here and so so good!).

Wesley, with his independent and creative spirit decided to design his own lunch: a waffle sandwich with bacon and avocado, topped with coconut syrup. He declared it “The Wesley,” and even told the staff that it should be added to their menu because it “was soooo good!”

Here’s a pic of my Yucan Crunch crackers with my ordered chicken liver mousse,
because I’m not cool enough for a custom ordered Waffle-wich that got my name on the menu.

It could have been his blonde hair and adorable 6-year old smile that charmed the employees at Mission Heirloom, or we have a future culinary star on our hands… because the restaurant has officially added “The Wesley Waffle” to their menu – an avocado & bacon sandwich with coconut sap and blueberry reduction, and apparently its been a huge hit already! It’s avocado toast meets waffle meets bacon breakfast sandwich. I dare you to tell me that doesn’t sound awesome!

He’s been beaming with pride since we told him the news. This is a great example of the really cool and special opportunities the boys have been gifted because of our little blog (so thanks for your support, because it wouldn’t exist without you!).

If you’re in the Berkeley area, a stop at Mission Heirloom is a must! And of course, we hope you’ll order The Wesley Waffle. A few of our other favorites there were the Cheesy Waffle, and Yucan Crunch crackers with liver pate (all pictured above!).

And if you’re not close by, we’d recommend ordering up some Yucan Crunch from Amazon Prime and making our Chicken Liver Mousse to go with them! I think we’ll be having a Mission Heirloom inspired celebratory brunch soon, with complete with homemade Wesley Waffles!

Thanks so much to Mission Heirloom for making this kid’s year!

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