Meet TPV Podcast Hosts

The Paleo View Podcast Team


Stacy Toth, co-host

Stacy Toth blogs about a family friendly approach to an ancestral lifestyle at the popular website, A suburban family, Stacy is a working mom and her husband Matthew is a stay at home dad who raise 3 active young boys, – Cole (born 2005), Finian (born 2008) and Wesley (born 2010). Together they have lost over 200 pounds, and changed the health and wellness of their boys (behavioral and physical) after adopting a paleo diet in 2010.  She has been a speaker at National conferences focusing on health and wellness as well as television, Woman’s World Magazine, international radio shows and podcasts. She has authored multiple bestselling paleo cookbooks, Eat Like a DinosaurBeyond Bacon, and Real Life Paleo as well as the popular eBook 3 Phase Paleo. The Paleo Parents’ award-winning recipes have been featured in several national publications and many sites online.

In addition to writing on topics related to paleo parenting, Stacy is well-known for her candor and openness in addressing topics related to having changed their whole family’s health with a paleo lifestyle. This includes living without a gallbladder, depression, the auto-immune protocol, still being the fattest people in paleo after losing over 100lbs and everything in between. Stacy began cross-fit in January of 2013 and has been a paleo advocate since 2010.


Matthew McCarry, producer

Matt, the 2nd-half of and co-author of Eat Like a Dinosaur, makes divine grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free (paleo) culinary creations; he is the chef and caretaker of the family. He is also a connoisseur of podcasts; he listens to dozens a week (while performing household chores and trying to ignore wild-banchee-like children). He’s not a huge fan of human interaction (read: social anxiety) but is a huge fan of technology.

Producer of The Paleo View is a title and job he’s excited about, including saving up embarrassing sound bytes to be used against Stacy and Sarah in future editing sessions. Make sure you always listen until the end for his nuggets of humor and fun!

Sarah Ballantyne, co-host

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. is a scientist turned stay-at-home mom who blogs at Sarah discovered the paleo diet toward the end of her 120-pound weight loss journey while searching for a solution to her continuing health problems. As a follower of the paleo diet autoimmune protocol, Sarah is continuing to experiment with her own implementation of a paleo diet and lifestyle to reach that lofty goal of perfect health.

Sarah has successfully transitioned her husband and two young daughters to a paleo lifestyle, with noticeable improvements to the whole family’s health. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and sharing her successful recipes, including recipes for everything from one-pot dinners to paleo versions of kid staples to breads and decadent paleo desserts.

Most of all, Sarah’s passion is to share her biology, physiology and nutrition knowledge through informative posts that distill the science behind the paleo diet into approachable explanations. Don’t miss her special segment each show, Science with Sarah, for tidbits and takeaways related to our weekly topics!