The Beyond Bacon Cook Off – The Results!

When we created the Beyond Bacon Recipe Recreation Photo Contest we had no clue what to expect! We knew we had some creative pork lovers out there, but seeing you all in action made us realize that crowning ‘The Ultimate Lard Lover’ would be a lot harder than we originally anticipated!

In the two weeks that this contest was open we received 150+ entries!

We wanted to thank you all so very much for your enthusiasm in supporting our book, pastured pork, Cook Pigs Ranch, Victory Belt and us!


The Beyond Bacon Cook Off

The contestants used a wide variety of recipes from Beyond Bacon, set up some very creative photo shoots, and flooded social media with #BeyondBacon love!

Here is a look at some of the entries:

BBPhotoContest2 BBPhotoContest3 BBPhotoContestCollage1As promised in our original contest announcement, here are the photos that our judges (Cole, Finian and Wesley) selected for first, second and third place:



Cole picked this photo because he says “It has lots of color and looks delicious!”


Finian picked this one because “It has peaches and cabbage! My favorites!”


Wesley picked this one because “You make that brownie, Daddy?”

Each of the three contestants above will receive a new copy of Beyond Bacon!

Now to be truly fair to the large number of contestants who participated in the half-hog giveaway from Cook Pigs Ranch we decided to use the random number generator to select the winner.

And we are pleased to announce Instagram User Portrowan as the winner!


Congratulations Portrowan! Paleo Parents assistant, Monica, will be in touch with you to coordinate your Cook Pigs Ranch half hog delivery!

We want to send another huge thank you to our awesome publisher Victory Belt for their generous donation of the half-hog, and a big thank you to Cook Pigs Ranch for their generous sponsorship on the shipping and for helping us promote this giveaway!

Thank you to all of our contestants for participating in the Beyond Bacon recipe recreation photo contest and for sharing your lard love with the world! We really enjoyed seeing you put Beyond Bacon into action. Please continue to tag those pictures! Stacy has been know to pluck people out of obscurity when the mood strikes and reward them with valuable prizes!

Don’t forget to check out Cook Pigs Ranch here! Beginning this winter they will be offering nationwide shipping and you will have the chance to taste this amazing pork that is finished on avocados and macadamia nuts – serious yum!

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