The BEST Paleo Apple Recipes for Fall!

An ode to one of our favorite fruits! In this week’s newsletter we share our favorite ways to use up all those fresh apples. Don’t miss our famous THE BEST APPLE CRISP recipe!

Our Real Life

I love this time of year- life seems to slow down a little with the boys in school, the days are still warm but the nights are starting to get cooler… which means I get to enjoy ALL THE DRINKS! Green Tea with Boba from Teas’n You is one of my new favorites! (It doesn’t hurt that there’s an amazing Poke Bowl restaurant next door, Lei’d, and that I love both their punny names!)

And my old standby Matcha Almond Milk Latte always hits the spot (in my my new birthday mug, even better!). I always add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to give it a little healing protein boost too. It was the perfect sipping drink for flipping through The Paleo Mom’s new book– which you are going to LOVE. If you have questions about any of the “whys” in Paleo – this is the resource for you, which you can pre-order now to get the lowest price possible.

Our Favorite Apple-licious Products

This apple slicer is perfect for the boys to use for making quick work of an apple at snack time. It also makes cutting up a lot of apples for apple crisp or homemade apple sauce a breeze. Find it —> here!

Primal Palate makes THE BEST spices you’ll find- incredibly potent and flavorful, and this Apple Pie Spice is perfect for pie, apple crisp, and applesauce! Or simply sprinkled on fresh apple slices. Find it —> here!

Want to know how to make the FASTEST and EASIEST applesauce ever? Make it in the Instant Pot! It’s not just for broth and stock! Find it —> here!

We can’t talk about our favorite apple-inspired goodies without mentioning Bare Crispy Apple Chips. A household favorite, they contain nothing but apples and have and really satisfying crispy crunch texture. After school snacks, lunch boxes, and long car rides- we always have these in the pantry! Find them —> here!

Paleo Pro-Tip


When we first started the blog I remember putting out a recipe and someone asking what kind of apple did we recommend. Wow, I hadn’t even thought of that. It’s so inherent to me to know the different types of apples, their flavor profiles, and how that works in cooking or baking application that I’d completely missed the mark on such an important factor. So, here’s where we teach you how to learn those things yourself, too!

You’ll find info on whether not to buy organic, how to properly store apples, different apple types and what they are best for, plus our favorite apple tools, and a huge round up of even more ways to use up all those fresh apples!


Our Favorite Recipes Using Apples

The BEST Paleo Apple Crisp

Apple Bacon not Potato Breakfast Hash

Butter Pecan Apples

Cranberry Applesauce Muffins

Honey Mustard Chicken & Sweet Apple Cabbage

Instant Pot Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

We Recommend…

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