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Announcing the Reset & Thrive Library

Do you ever feel like you need a reset? A do-over? A start-from-scratch? Some inspiration and new resources to continue focusing on health, filling yourself with quality food while not spending all your time and money doing it? Us…


Paleo Gave Us Our Lives Back

This weekend our family took a trip to a water park and theme park. We rode roller coasters and water slides. We walked 15 miles and climbed endless stairs. There are so many things about these things that continue…


Five Year Paleo-Versary!

May the sixth represents the anniversary of our introduction to paleo and, like in previous years, we like to take this time to reflect on what we’ve done during these eventful years. Perhaps a little history lesson is in…


Is Your Paleo Challenge Justifying Disordered Eating

Disclaimer: this is a reflection on me and my personal experience with how challenges have impacted my Paleo journey and my personal history of disordered eating.  This post is not to imply that Paleo challenges create disordered eating, or…