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Amazon Prime IS Paleo!

Happy PRIME DAY! According to Amazon, TODAY ONLY, they will be offering MORE DEALS THAN BLACK FRIDAY! So if you’ve been thinking about a Prime Membership but haven’t pulled the trigger yet- today’s the day to do it! —>…


Tutorial Thursday: Salads and Salad Dressing

At some point in human history, we determined that picking leaves off plants and eating them was one of the healthiest things we could do. Of course, the healthiest foods are often not the most appealing, so the idea…


Is Your Paleo Challenge Justifying Disordered Eating

Disclaimer: this is a reflection on me and my personal experience with how challenges have impacted my Paleo journey and my personal history of disordered eating.  This post is not to imply that Paleo challenges create disordered eating, or…


Tutorial Thursday: Broth and Stock and Bones

      Last week, we covered one of our staples, the miraculous cooking fat, lard. This week, we’re continuing our coverage of items you ought to always have around the house. Strangely, this may be the single most…


Tutorial Thursday: All About LARD

      We’re back! After a long hiatus (thanks to the launch of Real Life Paleo), we’re back with another tutorial! Just in time for all of your holiday baking, we’ve got all the information you need on…