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Goodbyn Bynto and a COUPON

If you recall, I wrote that Goodbyn was my lunchbox of choice in this Packing a Paleo Lunch is Easier Than You Think post. I found them to be the most leak-proof and the most fun (they come…


Not Sugar Cookies for the Nut-Free School Dilemma

In this age of frequent tree nut allergies, we frequently get asked how we deal with nut-free school situations. We’ve certainly dealt with this exact issue at any school we’ve had our kids attend. I’m all for protecting kids…


Packing a Paleo Lunch is Easier Than You Think

Thanks to Sunny, I finally have the motivation to make a post that's been long overdue. I know one of the hardest challenges for us in the beginning of adapting a Paleo lifestyle (that's removal of dairy, grains, legumes,…



This week we’re preparing for school lunches, snacks, and more with a few drool worthy recipes from my arsenal of Paleo food bloggers. …