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Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Wings

While the rest of the world is off eating skinless chicken breast, we’re here to tell you the best part IS the crispy skin! Know where to find the most of it? Crispy Chicken W A N G S!…


Superfood Pudding (Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding)

For years Stacy’s go-to sweet treat, specifically around a certain time of month that her body craves magnesium, has been chocolate chia seed pudding. For as long as she’s had this craving we’ve been perfecting our recipe. If you…


Vital Proteins in ALL the Things!

If you’ve follow us in social media, you probably are aware that we are obsessed with Vital Proteins Collagen Proteins (gelatin) and Collagen Peptides. We put them in anything we can get them to dissolve in! Why do we…


Announcing the Reset & Thrive Library

Do you ever feel like you need a reset? A do-over? A start-from-scratch? Some inspiration and new resources to continue focusing on health, filling yourself with quality food while not spending all your time and money doing it? Us…


Guest Post: Chocolate Beet Pudding Cake, Sweet Paleo

Second to swapping recipes, I love to discuss ‘how do you define paleo’ with others! I am always fascinated to learn about how others implement this lifestyle, how they identified their intolerances, what their gray area foods are, and how they handle…

Real Food

Tutorial Thursday: Chicken and Waffles

      You’ve seen it on Stacy’s Instagram frequently. One of our favorite treats is the southern classic chicken and waffles. Many people have asked us to teach them how to put it together so that they don’t…