Strong Woman Radio, Episode 52, Vivian’s USS Nationals Recap

SWR Strong Woman Radio 52 Vivian's USS Nationals Recap

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Episode 52, Vivian’s USS Nationals Recap

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • Vivian survived her whole trip traveling from home to Louisville and back all by herself with no backup at all!
    • When Stacy competes, she brings a giant entourage of support, so going alone seems so daunting
    • Vivian was staying at the same hotel as the people attending the Muhammed Ali funeral, too!
    • Vivian’s friend Glenda was selling Lularoe at the show as well.
    • The hardest part for Stacy was that there was no feed on Instagram or Facebook so no one could follow along!
    • Vivian did exactly what she planned on doing in each event.
    • She finished second in the show!
    • The winner was much, much bigger than Vivian, but that’s how super heavyweight (200+) goes. Most women in the class are going to be taller and weigh more than Vivian. See the comparison here.
    • Samantha Coleman, the winner, is a world record holding powerlifter. She’s new to Strongman, so we look forward to seeing her at Worlds!
    • Vivian feels so much less stress now that she’s no longer defending champion.
    • The hardest event for her was the fingal fingers, which she was unable to train on.
    • Overall, the event was a lot of “cardio” because of all the reps and all the moving events.
    • Huge event! 314 people competed overall!
    • Vivian was only 3 points from first, and now feels like last year wasn’t a fluke.
    • Unfortunately, Sarah from Primal Bites was injured and couldn’t make it to the show.
    • Stacy finally got her MRI and so hopefully is closer to recovery!
    • Kalle Beck’s seminar was last week as well.
    • The Rock, Dwayne Johnson eat 2.3 pounds of cod per day, according to his diet report. Or 821 pounds per year.
    • Vivian is now deciding if she should cut 20 pounds to get under the heavyweight limit for her next show.
    • Jen Sinkler is coming to the east coast! Stacy and Viv are planning on stalking her. See her on Snapchat!
    • Go see Vivian at LoCo Crossfit on July 2 for a Strongman seminar as well!
    • Stacy and Viv are looking into how to get rid of clothes they no longer use, especially their Lularoe and workout clothes.
    • Wesley wants to create his own version of Batdad. Coming soon because we can’t figure it our yet!
    • Not to sound like a douche, but Stacy is good at almost everything. But she’ll throw a temper tantrum if she finds something she’s not good at.
    • Ricky Bobby: If you’re not first, you’re last!
    • Miss Congeniality playing the cups
  • Outro (36:01)

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