Strong Woman Radio, Episode 45, Cutting it Close to Competition

SWR New Strong Woman Radio 45 Cutting it close to competition

Welcome to Strong Woman Radio, a sanctuary free of testosterone (except for a few special guests), where ladies who like to lift heavy things can chitchat about the struggles and success that comes with being a woman in a male dominated sport. We welcome listeners of all sports, be it strongman, Crossfit, olympic lifting or more; but be warned we don’t like running very much unless we are carrying or dragging something heavy while we do it.

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Episode 45, Cutting it Close to Competition

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • Vivian and Nicole were recently at the Strongest Southern Bell competition in Kentucky and Nicole is on this week’s podcast to share an update from the competition along with some feedback
    • Nicole had decided to compete in this competition somewhat late in the process and went about training a little differently than usual
    • The long break Nicole took after nationals and the injuries she was working to recover during that time
    • What led Nicole to want to jump back in to competing with Strongest Southern Bell
    • Needing to make a last minute weight cut and seeking advice from Gabby, and how a last minute weight cut went
    • How Nicole rehydrated after cutting weight
    • How the competition went for Viv and Nicole
    • Check out Danielle Curry on Instagram
    • This competition was the USS’s 100th show and it was the largest all women’s show ever
    • Now Nicole and Vivian quality for USS Nationals and USS Women’s World
    • What happens when doubt hits during a competition
  • Things Happening on the Internet (46:14)
  • Meeting podcast listeners at competitions
  • Thank you Nicole for joining on this week’s show and congratulations to both you and Vivian on your competition
  • Stay strong everyone
  • Outro (55:32)

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