Stacy’s Weekly Wrap-Up, Jan 25th: California Dreamin’

After a delayed airport start, kiddo and I flew to California for a work (and pleasure) trip!  It was kiddo’s first time off the East Coast, and we loved the 1:1 time and exploring! I had so much gratitude on this trip. They’ve been with us over 2 years now. And boy have we both come so far! They’ve put in the work to go from “I will never get on a plane, ever” to an uneventful long plane ride cross-country. I can’t help but still marvel all the changes we have both been through (for the better) because kiddo joined our family.

I mean, how cool are they?! But yes, it was a work trip! I work hard to have a seat at the table. I value having a voice for our community, especially as we move forward on the mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. I’m so honored you choose to support me – either by participating here on the site or in social or in shopping through my links and with me as your Beautycounter consultant. I am so grateful for all that it brings!

Work Trip Details

When we arrived, it had been a LONG flight (7.5 hours) without any GF-friendly foods. (I spaced and forgot to pack snacks because I was worried about so many elements of the trip.) We were saved by fellow Beautycounter consultant and friend Diane Sanfilippo who ordered sushi from Honsan in the Laguna Beach area. It arrived just as we did to the hotel! When in California, I always enjoy fresh seafood and avocados!

During our two days of meetings, we had trainings, brainstorming sessions, and a look at the future of Beautycounter. After a decade on the scene, I’m so excited to see where we’re headed!

Exploring After

After the meeting was over, kiddo and I headed to LA for entertainment, shopping, and food! Our first stop was the Beetle House is LA. I loved how committed their characters were! It was a unique and still very Hollywood experience that I highly recommend!  It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done in LA and totally teen-friendly! Plus, it’s gluten-free friendly, and I enjoyed an Edward Scissorshand burger!

We also did a lot of fun vintage and wig shopping while we were in town! We hit up a couple more boutique shops as well as Goodwill. It was successful, as we had to buy an extra suitcase to bring home all of our finds!

And, of course, we had to eat! Despite the restaurant claims it was only corn, an as-big-as-your-head pupusa we got was definitely not GF, and I can’t recommend it. However, breakfast at BeaBea’s breakfast in Burbank was the best GF pancake I’ve ever had! Their entire menu was so special, and walking distance to where we stayed in Burbank (near all the vintage shopping). I HIGHLY recommend trying it out!

Lastly, while I didn’t eat pizza while in California, I was still dreamin’ about it! After kiddo kept getting pizza (I opted for more local fare), I watched Mack & Rita on the airplane. I too aspire to that Old Gal lifestyle. So, I was inspired to get the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. With real BBQ sauce. For the first time in 10 years!

Food for thought…

And no, I didn’t have a reaction! I’m learning that a lot of my prior reactions were built around a lot of stress I had in my belief of numerous food intolerances. It’s taken a lot of work to let go of those beliefs. And as a result my cortisol and overall health is much better for it! Not to mention, how incredible it is to be able to enjoy food without the same orthorexic worries I had.

I hope our adventures inspire some of your own. Kiddo says they’re not ready to fly and leave home for a while, but I’d love recommendations on what other cool areas you recommend!


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