Stacy’s Weekly Wrap-Up, Feb 15th: What Would Rihanna Do?

What would Rihanna do? Well… did you have a chance to watch the Rihanna concert (some called it the Superbowl) last weekend? Wow, she is a such a boss! I am inspired by her to show up as my authentic self, just as she does. Watching Rihanna perfom suspended in the air, with an 8 month old AND pregnant, on one of the most viewed platforms was incredible. Believe it or not, the lesson I took away is that if she can take 7 years off of performing and show up like that, I can practice self care and rest too!

Self Care isn’t Selfish

I’d been feeling the burn of the candle at both ends and decided to “practice what I preach.” I put myself first and honoring your needs! I’ve been finding ways to refill my cup when I can, whether that looks like sleeping in, finding time to read a few pages, or just getting out of the house to take care of myself. I love the flexibility of working from home and being my own boss, but can often be too hard on myself or try to do too much. I have to constantly reminding myself to take advantage of the benefits that come with that!

Check-up Time!

I finally made the time to schedule a couple of annual appointments to the dermatologist and gynocologist. Yes, medical appointments can be a form of self care.

I was concerned about growth on my arm, and while it felt more comfortable to “ignore” it, I knew that with all of my risk factors I needed to get it checked out. I was nervous, but so glad I went. Turns out it was nothing to worry about and now I get to breathe a sigh of relief, while also testing out some skincare solutions to potentially take care of removing it myself!

Then I went to THAT doctor. You know the one. Where you fold and hide your under garments between your clothes like they’re not staring at your most personal insides. Always better safe than sorry though! I have a lot of women’s health issues (cancer) in my genes, so I’m all about preventative care.

This is me reminding you take a minute to see if there are any appointments you can make that you may have been putting off!

Valentine’s Day Date

Since Matt works weekends, we try to steal time together when we can! We had such a great Valentine’s “day date” together getting pedicures and reading. I’m so grateful to have a life partner who values finding time to spend together. He is currently reading a couple of books that I’ve already read, and I love that we are overlapping so that we can talk about it!

How does Rihanna inspire you? Hopefully in some way to take care of yourself this week? I vented a little more about how someone MISinterpreted Ms. RiRi as a way to compare – which is never a good thing! More on that here:


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