Stacy’s Safer Travel Tips

Many of us are getting back to more consistent travel plans this year – whether by plane, train, or automobile! As for us, we recently returned from a family trip to the beach and visited Disney just a few months ago. I also usually travel once a month for work-related activities and have found some simple ways to stay safer and enjoy my trip more. There are many “travel hacks” out there, but here are some keep-it-simple tips that can apply to almost any trip for safer travel.

Tips for Safer Travel

  • Don’t overly stress – do the best you can and trust your body. Usually when I travel my body does a better job of handling environmental stress because my internal daily stress is less.
  • Do bring your own water bottle and snacks – not only does this avoid single-use plastic, you’ll never know when you won’t have access to food – then you know you have something you like!
  • Don’t skip sleep – if changing time zones, don’t be ashamed to go to bed when your body needs – your immune system needs it!
  • Do go digital with paperwork – keep an e-copy of “important paperwork” and say no thanks to receipts (very high in BPA).
  • Don’t trust blindly: be alert – tourists are targeted for crimes.
  • Do bring your own first aid and medicine needs. You never want to ask a stranger for pills, and I always need a band-aid for my feet!
  • Don’t use public wifi – your passwords will surely be hacked!
  • Do use a bag that secures well to prevent pickpockets and big enough to bring layers for unexpected weather.
  • Don’t assume safety protocols – look for signs or ask.Do ask for fragrance-free from the hotel or Airbnb, etc. They will likely have laundry detergent they can use for sensitive needs and can unplug air fresheners ahead of your arrival.
  • Don’t ignore your hygiene practices – wash hands often!
  • Don’t disrespect local culture or bring up politics – observe and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Travel is a great time to listen and learn!
  • Do bring your own hand sanitizer (we love Hand Saviorand personal care products (like the smaller singles). I love a “spa night” with myself, plus if I’m traveling it helps my skin glow!

comparison full size and minis

 Smaller Singles for Safer Travel

Beautycounter recently released safer, smaller, singles of our staple products for a limited time while supplies last. I know they’re called “minis” but really these are “half size” and very substantial. They should last 1-6 months with regular use (depending on frequency). These are a perfect way to build a travel stash or to simply try a product at a lower price point. BONUS: Use the code CLEANFORALL30 through August with a new email address for 30% your total purchase!

BEST DEAL:  Countertime Cleansing Oil, 30ml for $12 (full size: 150ml for $54)

MY MUST HAVE:  Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence, 30ml for $15 (full size: 150ml for $68)

WORKHORSE:  Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum, 15ml for $48 (full size: 30ml for $87)

UNIVERSAL MOISTURIZER:  Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream, 15ml for $29 (full size: 50ml for $87)

100% RESULTS:  All Bright C Serum, 15ml for $49 (full size:  30ml for $90) 100% of people see instant results (for daytime use), I personally like to combine with Brightening Facial Oil and Dew Skin

NIGHT MAGIC:  Overnight Resurfacing Peel, 15ml for $40 (full size: 30ml for $72)

AT-HOME HYDRAFACIAL:  Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Facial Mask, 30ml for $42 (full size: 75ml for $96)

Budget-friendly minis

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