Stacy the Lobbyist for International Women’s Day!

I’m so proud of my wife, Stacy. Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, I want to acknowledge the greatest woman in my life and her newfound passion for keeping all of us safe from harmful chemicals in our personal care products!

Personal Care Product Safety Act

Over the past year, Stacy has dedicated a lot of time and effort to empowering a team of 170 women with a passion for safer personal care products and putting it into action. She has worked tirelessly on this project. It has lead to a ton of personal growth as she has found an inner strength and leadership beyond the impressive skills I already knew she already possessed. It’s helped put into practice the philosophy she’s always shared: women do best lifting each other up.

It’s been amazing to witness as she found a side of herself I always knew was there, looking for a spot to express itself. She has absolutely flourished lately. And I found a new reason to love and respect her. It’s been incredible to witness her knowledge and expertise of regulation (her day job) meet with a passion for healthy living (our side hustle for the last nearly 8 years) and land on building a business that brings the two together.

Recently, as a culmination of this journey, Stacy worked extremely hard to earn a special trip to DC to help lobby for the Personal Care Product Safety Act (S.1113). She and 99 other women “Marched Forth” on Washington, D.C. to share their stories and ask that something must be done to protect us from the harmful chemicals we encounter everyday.

News to Me

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Matt, doesn’t the FDA already regulate personal care products?” You would think so, wouldn’t you? But surprisingly, the answer is not really! Regulations for these products were established in the 1930s and haven’t been updated since. Even with our improved research into what chemicals can harm us, particularly with repeated exposure, nothing is updated. Currently, 30 chemicals are banned from inclusion in personal care products in the US. Meanwhile, other countries have taken action with up to date research and banned many many more. For example, the European Union currently bans over 1400.

Additionally, unlike almost any other product you can buy from food to drugs to paint, companies are not required to disclose the ingredients that are put in your personal care products. This is a nightmare for people with sensitivities and allergies!

So Stacy climbed Capitol Hill and met with Congressional staffers to advocate for better. She took her passion and put it into action. She argued with legislators on your behalf, sharing the stories she’s heard from families for years about the impact what we put on and in our bodies can have on our health.

What’s This All About?

While this is NOT about political affiliation (Bernie) or even Beautycounter as a brand, it is incredible to me to see my wife alongside a group of passionate, confident, empowered women. They boldly approached a previous presidential candidate for his support on the Act.  This Act isn’t about benefiting one company or type of products – this would mean that all things being put on the body, from toothpaste and deodorant to body wash and mascara, would ultimately be impacted.

Stacy and her team of confident, empowered women not afraid to ask
the Senator from Vermont to Support S.1113 when running into him in a hallway

This is a Bi-Partisan bill and I feel a concept we can all get behind. This Act would ask the FDA to do better, putting safer skincare into the hands of EVERYONE. Even for those that can’t afford natural, organic, or high-end products. It would improve the safety of the $2 body wash from the dollar store. We all deserve to not bathe ourselves and loved ones in neurotoxins, carcinogens, hormone disrupting chemicals and other toxins. This Act would also give the FDA the authority to demand recalls on personal care products, something cannot currently do, which means in the event of high danger, doing the right thing won’t be voluntary.

It was a beautiful day for a lobbying trip –
Stacy was thrilled her team members Lindsey (WA) and Janine (OR) also earned the trip! 

The Stories

There are lots of different people who work on The Hill. And Stacy met all kinds. I loved hearing her stories of staffers who hadn’t heard about the bill yet, but immediately connected with their stories. And the staff member who had a nut allergy! She herself was frustrated that ingredients were not required to be fully disclosed on labels. She said she’d review the bill and get it in front of the Senator soon. Each state had two Beautycounter consultant representatives tell their story and ask for their support of this Act.

Stacy left for this trip a bit skeptical of what impact they could actually make with one day in DC. And while politicians certainly will politic and have mastered politeness, seeing her return home with a fire and passion about helping the nation really has me appreciating her even more. This quote from her today sums up so much of what I’m proud to witness and support:

50 years from now, I’m going to look back and be proud to tell my grandchildren about the changes we fought to protect their health and the earth.

Wanna Join the Legislative Process and Get Your Voice Heard?

The bill will go to committee soon, so the time for to speak up is now! If this is something that matters to you, contact your local legislators (especially Senate offices, where the bill is currently under review).

Want an easy button? Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 and you’ll get a link to submit a form letter. It takes less than 30 seconds to send a letter asking our congressional delegate and both senators to support this bill!

Wanna do even more? Join our team of empowered women! This community will help you gain the confidence to fight for consumer rights and the health of family and friends. Even I use the products ♥


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