Review: Primal Colors Makeup by Primal Life Organics

As you may remember, Stacy wrote a post about how she has loved using Primal Life Organics products as part of her paleo personal hygiene routine (i.e. Skintervention).

Just in time for Christmas, PLO has a new line of products available called Primal Colors, for women looking for a truly chemical free makeup option. Stacy’s good friend and team member, Courtney, jumped at the chance to do this fun review! I mean, what girl doesn’t like to experiment with new make-up?

Here’s what she had to say:

Courtney 1BEFORE

Now that my face is happy and relatively break out-free (thank you Paleo and mid thirties hormones!), I want to move from the chemical-laden makeup I’ve always used to a more natural product. I recently received Primal Life Organics color collection. The products I received include a foundation, cheek color, 3 eye shadows, a buffing brush, cheek brush, round and angled eye brush, sponge brushes, and stirring sticks.


I started with the foundation (color: very light cool), mixing a little of the powder with water to get the right consistency. I then started where I need the most coverage: my cheeks. They are naturally rosy and I usually like to smooth them out. As you can see in the picture, the coverage is very sheer. The foundation went on well and was easy to use. I also used some of it dry as a powder to set the coverage. If you don’t wear full coverage makeup, or don’t need it, this would be a great option. And if you’ve been using PLO‘s skincare, I’m sure you don’t need a lot of coverage!

I tried the cheek powder (color: hibiscus coral) next and it was a little more difficult to get right. At first I used too much and could see a line. So I tried again with the brush not quite as wet and that worked much better. I also used this powder mixed with coconut oil and used it as a lip stain.  I liked that color a lot.

Last I tried the eye shadows. In the first picture, with my bangs back, I used the colors “mud” and “grass”. In the second I tried to go for a smokier, more dramatic eye and used the “mud” and “charcoal”. The eye shadows were my favorite to play with because you can change the intensity of the color by layering and using different amounts of water to create different consistencies. I also preferred using the sponge to apply the eye shadows; it allowed for a more dense coverage. I would equate it to painting with watercolors. In the interest if full disclosure I am wearing regular mascara.




All in all, I think this makeup is great for someone who does not need, or is not accustomed to, wearing a full face of makeup. I did wear it throughout my WOD and it stayed put, which I like.  I also like that it is not irritating at all, and my skin feels smooth. It does take some time to get the consistency right, and doesn’t offer color as deep as it’s chemical counterparts. While I prefer more coverage for going out, I can see myself using these colors for everyday wear…especially when I get the hang of the consistency and can apply it quickly!

If you would like to learn more about the Primal Colors and their method of application, you can check out their site that is complete with instructional videos!

For a great gluten-free mascara option, Stacy can’t talk enough about how much she loves Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara, and for a fuller coverage make-up, she also highly recommends  the mineral PurePressed Base (Bisque) from Jane IredaleStacy also talks in full detail about her whole beauty routine, which includes Primal Life Organics, here.


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