Reset & Thrive’s Amazing Resources

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We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about the Reset & Thrive Library which we announced last week and are personally hosting THIS WEEK ONLY before it ends next Monday. Because we hand-selected this library of e-resources, we feel very confident in saying they are the MOST awesome electronic books & cookbooks, programs, webinars, audio files, printables, and coupons ever assembled in the healthy living community.  Honestly, I know that’s a bold statement, but we have been blown away by what this talented, passionate community of experts have been creating and this bundle of resources allows buyers to access 40+ resources for a 98.5% discount.

I sincerely do not know how we could have made this any more fantastic, but instead of just waxing endlessly about how epicly awesome we think it is – we thought it’d be good to highlight ALL the specific resources included and share with you some of our personal favorites. Not that we want to pick favorites, but if you read this blog you likely will also thoroughly enjoy and connect to a number of the resources we highlight below. But seriously, we are really excited about every. single. item. A handful of the resources are things we have already been using and loving, but many of the resources are new to us, and once we paged through them we couldn’t get enough. Check out our announcement post for more details.

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

The below resources are ALL included in the $39 e-library, valued at over $1000, and available only through Monday, August 31?! Seriously.

We wish we could take you out for a cup of tea and tell you about every one of the amazing resources that you will find in the Reset & Thrive Library – while wildly gesticulating our hands and talking in our high-pitched, wide-eyed, overly-excited voice because the resources are THAT good! There are BRAND NEW BOOKS DEBUTING in this bundle. There are resources that CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE. ALL of the resources HAVE CONTENT THAT HAS NEVER BEEN BUNDLED BEFORE. The cookbooks vary from food focused on quick and easy meals, meal planning tips and tools, and even a recipe book entirely dedicated to breakfast. There are books on sleep, simplifying your life to reduce stress, skin care & acne, pregnancy, babies, family, and kids as well as self-love, gratitude, fat-loss for women, working out while cooking… so much awesome!

Check out the all of the resources you can buy for such a low, low price! Click the titles below to learn more about each item!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

1. And Here We Are At the Table by Ariana Mullins feature amazing food from many different cultures. For anyone in need of dinner inspiration or wanting to add new meals to their repertoire, you’ll love this cookbook and memoir of dishes from around the world!

2. Fearless Sauerkraut Recipes, Sarah Ramsden This woman is such an inspiration! Learn the basics of home ‘kraut making form an expert, including safe practices and the science behind the method and the health benefits of the finished fermented food product!

3. Make it Merry: A Healthy Cookbook, Carla & Emma Papas
The Merrymaker Sisters are back again with 70 quick and easy recipes without gluten, grains, refined sugar and dairy – we love this one! And their food photography will leave your belly grumbling for some delicious eats!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

4. Salads Without Grain, Hayley Ryczek is the perfect resource for anyone looking to improve their boring salad game. Honestly, I wouldn’t have imagined a book about salads to be that exciting, but we are so excited about this one! As salad connoisseurs, we’ve been drooling over the 16 dressings and 35 salad recipes in this ebook and have personally put about 75% on our “must make” list!

5. 7 Steps to Better Grain-Free Baking, Kelly Smith
Do your baking skills need some help? This book provides the secrets of Paleo baking, using almond and coconut flours (and NOT other, harder to find flours and starches!), in an easy to understand and follow format.

6. Health Happiness Paleo, Leslie Auman & Chelsea Gold
Delicious recipes for every meal of the day, including some featuring an ingredient favorite, Otto’s Cassava Flour (psst there’s a coupon to buy this product included in the library, too)!

7. Paleo Desserts for Dummies, Adriana Harlan
Over 125 recipes for simple Paleo-friendly desserts. And with the word “dummy” in the title, you know they are going to be easy and fool-proof!

8. The Healthy Breakfast E-Cookbook, Davida
Don’t fall victim to the same old boring breakfasts! Put life into your morning eats with over 40 new recipes. All recipes are gluten-free, and most are Paleo-friendly or easily adaptable!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents9. Paleo in a Pinch by Sarah Al-Khayyal is a great resource on making delicious meal in a flash. We met Sarah at our NYC book signing and just fell in love with her spirit and passion. We are thrilled that her eBook is debuting in this library! If you ever feel like you are lacking the time or energy to prepare healthy meals, these make ahead and one-pot recipes are for you.

10. Real Food Recipes, Kelly Brozyna
We adore The Spunky Coconut and are thrilled to be including her ebook! She was one of the few blogs that existed when we first went Paleo, we still see her as such an inspiration – and this book is a great reminder of why! Her recipes are always spot on and delicious – and you’ll get 180 of them in this ebook!

11. Modern Paleo Holiday Cuisine, Alanna Figueira
The launch of fall means the holidays are right around the corner (eek!!). Be prepared this year with these great recipes, including some great bake-ahead ideas for Christmas morning (which we love!!).

12. Family Feast eBook, Cassandra Garcia
From the crazy-awesome Fed + Fit, a collection of her best advice and most famous family-friendly recipes. They’re well tested (by her veritable army of readers) and are sure to be crowd-pleasers! The food photography will make you want to lick your computer screen and make just about everything!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

13. Paleo to Go, Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry
And of course, our popular ebook, Paleo to Go! This book focuses on eating when out of the house – from restaurant tips to packing lunches for both kids and adults. With easy printables to help this process be painless and easy, to a ton of recipes to help you expand your repertoire!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

14. The No Brainer Wardrobe, Hayley Morgan As many people already know, our family did a huge overhaul of decluttering earlier this summer. One of the things we did was focus on reducing our wardrobe to reduce the stress associated from too many choices that simply created clutter and too much laundry. This ebook will help you reset your wardrobe and experience closet liberation! Hayley is your cheerleader for spending less money on clothes, and picking out an outfit you love with ease. Nothing beats the feeling from clearing out the junk from around your house, especially your closet that is overflowing with items you don’t even know you own!

15. The Gratitude Workbook, Nicole Pittman This is such a thoughtful and needed resource! An interactive PDF, that you can fill out right on your computer or device, and it is designed to help you figure out (and get!) what you really want in life. Gratitude, much like meditation, has been scientifically found to help reduce stress and feel a greater satisfaction with life. What’s not to love?!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents16. The Wild Diet Shopping Guide by Abel James brings you kitchen tricks, frugal shopping techniques, cheat sheet food label guide, and on the road survival guide all designed to SAVE YOU MONEY. We were blown away by this unique and thoughtful guide!

17. Bite Size Paleo, Kelly Bejelly If you’ve ever wanted a quick and easy to follow e-course on the Paleo diet, this is it! Kelly has such a fun outlook, and we know you’ll love her 7-day email course and ‘how-to’ jump into Paleo “one bite” at a time!

18. Full Plate: Nourishing Your Family’s Whole Health in a Busy World, Sarah Kolman Such an awesome book, and we’re honored to be able to offer it to you! “Modern parents have a lot on their plates. Unfortunately, this circus act that we call our lives can leave the whole family exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, and literally sick.” Learn how to turn this around and change for good!

19. Clean & Colorful Cooking and September Jumpstart Grid, Ashely Reeves 32 colorful recipes, and a super-helpful grid for tracking your health goals and eating habits throughout the day. We love this one for inspiring change!

20. Simplify, Abby Lawson 25 printables, and an ebook that shows you how to use them! So useful! Organize your goals, cleaning lists, meal plans, birthdays, kids’ activities, finances, and even your pets – this is the ultimate packet to getting your life organized. Honestly, I can’t think of anything more useful for our family this time of year!

21. Self Care for Self Love, Summer Innanen Oh my word. As if we couldn’t love Summer Innanen enough, she sends us this ridiculously awesome ebook. If you struggle with self-love you need this book in your life. Absolute life-changer. Take care of yourselves, friends!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

22. The Holistic Jump Start by Caitlin Weeks & Mary Vance is an incredible, life-changing program designed to help you balance hormones, lose weight, improve digestion, detox, and improve skin health. There are lessons, plans and guides to get you on the path to health here that you’re sure to find valuable in your life! Retailing for $297, this resource alone saves you a TON of money just by buying the bundle. We are so thrilled at Caitlin and Mary’s generosity to include this full program in this bundle of resources!

23. Once a Month Meals, Kelly Seaton The cream of the crop of plan-ahead online meal planning resources! With the discount included in this library, you’ll essentially get a Pro Membership free for one-month, no strings attached! With you membership you will learn how to prep your entire month’s worth of meals in one day, to free up your time for all the other things you have going on.

24. The Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Sleep Troubleshooting for All Ages, Dr. Natcha Maithai The #1 key to health and ultimate performance isn’t a diet, exercise, or a supplement…and it’s completely FREE! It’s sleep! Troubleshoot sleep problems for all ages with this guide.

25. Fall Watercolor Planning Printables, Caroline Potter Caroline’s work is stunning, and we’re thrilled to be including a collection of her watercolor printables! You’ll get monthly and weekly calendars, winter market shopping guide, goal lists, quotes and recipe cards (love!!).

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents 26. Go to Bed by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD is one VERY SPECIAL resource that we’re pretty excited to have ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS E-LIBRARY!! You’ve heard us talk about the importance of sleep, in fact, it is VITAL TO HEALTH. Let me just say, if you or someone you know isn’t sleeping well, if you have trouble falling asleep, if you don’t wake feeling rested, you NEED Sarah’s book. This version of her eBook has been updated to expand on the science of sleep, and how you can improve yours, she explains it all and helps you improve your health through your sleep.

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents27. Kick Pain in the Kitchen, Barbara Searles We LOVE the idea behind this one! So many people don’t realize that their diet can (and probably does) have a direct link to their pain. This guide is full of straightforward, every day steps that you can start using right away for a holistic approach to pain relief, that can be integrated with many treatment plans.

28. Paleo Made Easy, Sylvie McCracken If you’d like a complete and definitive guide that shows you exactly how to get started, sustain and transition your entire family over to a lifestyle that is gaining massive momentum because of its huge health benefits, you’ll be delighted with this ebook!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

29. Beauty’s Dirty Secret by Trina Felber, the medical professional behind Primal Life Organics has been providing the paleo world with beauty products and expertise for years; heck, her products have revolutionized my skin and I no longer am plagued with adult cystic acne! Now she has now written down her secrets for beautiful skin! The toxins in our skincare products are quietly wrecking havoc on our bodies and nobody is talking about it. Until now!

30. Unprocessed Living, Cindy Santa Ana This is such a needed resource! How to adapt your favorite recipes with healthier alternatives, how to makeover your pantry, fridge and freezer and how to read those confusing labels. We have personally met Cindy and her passion shines through in this resource!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

31. The Dietary Cure for Acne by Dr. Loren Cordain is one of the Paleo pioneers and who wrote the very first book we read which subsequently inspired us to go paleo – without Dr. Cordain there may not be! In this resource he helps you understand how and why diet matters in managing acne. A great resource from a trusted expert!

32. The Empowered Mother, Cara Comini Oh you guys. THIS. This is the resource that so many of you have been asking for!! A 42-week e-book guide so you can easily make informed decisions through pregnancy, birth, and your baby’s first few weeks. Having not gone through a paleo pregnancy myself, I love having this resource to recommend people to!

33. The Kitchen Workout, Natalie Wright Such a cool idea! Make the most of your time by combining cooking and exercise. Learn how to create healthy meals and exercise at the same time. Time saving multi-taskers rejoice!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

34. Weight Loss Unlocked by Stefani Ruper teaches you how to leverage your female hormones to work for you rather than against you. We love Stefani from Paleo for Women for her fun, sassy attitude and incredible wealth of knowledge about the human body. Her resources help you navigate all the stuff no one ever talks about — birth control, estrogen, progesterone, menopause, thyroid hormones, food cravings — and teaches you how to live in fat burning mode.

35. Mind & Body Balancing: A Guide to Counteract Inflammation Through Food & Lifestyle, Kari Owens The root of all evil: inflammation. This guide will show you what foods to remove and add to your diet, lifestyle modifications to reduce stress as well as a list of in depth information regarding therapies that can help in the reduction of the chronic inflammatory response.

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents36. Kids’ Bundle, Emily Chapelle Do you ever feel like the kids’ things are ALL OVER THE PLACE? Learn how to organize all that stuff that comes with kids (and teach them how to keep their play areas clean for better enjoyment!) with this guide, printables, and three-part audio series! That’s right, Emily’s even provided audio because she knows how busy us parents are – and sometimes even reading is too much for our to-do list!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

37. In Little Paleo Big Wins, Jennifer Robins, of Predominantly Paleo and one of our most favorite bloggers in the world,  packs amazing tips on how to transition the little ones to a grain-free and dairy-free lifestyle in a 100% painless way. Plus, you will find 20 whole food recipes designed to satisfy every craving! You can’t beat lessons on paleo parenting from Jennifer, a military wife who manages her autoimmune condition with nourishing whole foods while also keeping up with 3 young ones of her own.

38. Baby’s First Foods, Rochelle Serna Another truly needed resource in the Paleo and whole foods movement! This all inclusive book/mini-course hybrid includes detailed and research-based answers to the top infant feeding questions, like: when to introduce solids, what to feed and when, what not to feed, and can not introducing certain foods during the early years of life lead to food allergies.

39. Teacher’s Notebook Packet, Carisa Hinson So much fun in this one! Never hear the words, “I am bored” again with these great fun printable activities for kids ranging in ages from preschool through sixth grade! Even though our kids go to a public school, this will be fantastic for augmenting homework, on snow days, or just simply when the kids need something to keep them busy (without getting into trouble)!

40. MOMables, Laura Fuentes Tired of packing the same thing for lunch? Day after day after day? Enter MOMables! We love how their weekly meal plans include pictures to show you what your meal will look like, and gets you excited about preparing satisfying lunches for the whole family. Every plan includes three single lunches, two family sized meals, organized shopping list and kitchen tips. You get a month’s worth of plans – one per week for four weeks!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

We have been in that state of chaos and disorganization and now how it impacts the entire family on every level. We carefully selected all the items that are included in the Reset & Thrive Library to help you and your family RESET and THRIVE as we head into a new season! Take advantage of this amazing resource before it is no longer available after Monday, August 31.

Not to mention, the discounts! Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

While all of the e-resources are valued at over $1000, the discounts will also add tremendous value. From some of our absolute favorite healthy living brands, these discounts will easily pay for the bundle!

AMRAP 20% off | Bare Bones Broth 10% off | Bubba’s Fine Foods 10% off | Caveman Cookies 15% off | Energized Life 50% off | EPIC Bar 20% off | Exo 15% off | Farm to People 15% off | Fearless Fermentation 50% off | IntelliBED 10% off | Nikki’s Coconut Butter 10% off | One Stop Paleo Shop 10% off | Otto’s Cassava Flour 10% off | Paleo Living Magazine 50% off | Paleo Magazine  20% off | Paleo Meals to Go  25% off | Paleo Treats 10% off | Pete’s Paleo 10% off | Primal Life Organics 49% off | Pure Indian Foods 20% off | ReUseIt 15% 0ff | RxBars 10% off | Safe Catch 10% off| The Maca Team 10% off | Vital Proteins |20% off | Paleo Plan FREE 30-day membership | US Wellness Meats 15% off | Primal Palate 10% off


Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

Knowing the value a good meal plan can provide – from saving time to making sure your family falls in love with the new healthy habits, we have personally created this customized meal plan which pulls from the e-cookbooks included in the Reset & Thrive Library. This EXCLUSIVE bonus is a great introduction to the cookbooks you will find in the Reset & Thrive Library, providing you with a feel for what you will find in each resource and how to incorporate the recipes after those first two weeks!

Yeah, kind of a crazy, insanely awesome line-up of materials, right?! And for only $39, you can click the button below, and download all those items to begin your reset to health, wellness and organization this very minute!!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents


And now, a to celebrate and spread the word about this fantastic deal that is ONLY VALID THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2015 we want to offer you a device upon which you can enjoy all of these resources! Enter below to WIN a KINDLE FIRE HD 6 for YOU and a Reset & Thrive Library bundle for a friend!

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We will also be offering bonus entries on social media, so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for additional opportunities to win. Winner will be selected Saturday August 29th; and at that time we will ask you for your friend’s e-mail so that we can send them their FREE Reset & Thrive Library. This giveaway is open to anyone who can receive Amazon shipments!

Reset & Thrive's Amazing Resources by Paleo Parents

Hopefully we’ve helped you understand the absolutely astounding value of this e-Library that bundles the best e-resources from the top healthy living experts we could find. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it – e-mail the team or comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! ♥

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