Post-Game Day Recovery Comfort Food Ideas

I know everyone is focused on big game day recipes (which we have a huge roundup of here!) but here are some HEALTHY “recovery” comfort food ideas for that painful Monday that seems to come too early!
Plus, our 15 year anniversary, and safer skincare swaps!

Our Real Life

epic meatloaf

We’re still getting back into the swing of things at home, and after a long week of traveling we’ve been craving homemade comfort food big time! Matt has been making all of our family favorites this week, like his famous meatloaf smothered in our no-nightshade fauxmato sauce. The best part is that this meatloaf recipes is completely loaded with veggies, which no one even seems to notice!

juicy pot roast comfort food

It wouldn’t be a week of comfort food without Juicy Pot Roast on a huge bed of mashed cauliflower. It absolutely does feel like a big hug in a bowl. And leftovers of this are my favorite, so we make a huge pot full!

sweet paleo kids

This kid. He’s been giving me all the feels lately. His genuine excitement and appreciation for our family vacation melted my heart. He’s so thoughtful, and incredibly imaginative. And now that he has learned to read, it’s opened up a whole new world! On our trip he found this trophy, read what it said at the bottom, and presented it to Matt and I. Our sweet little boy is growing up way too fast!

Our Favorite Comfort-Food-Making Products

Paleo recovery comfort foods

The Instant Pot has become something we can’t live without. It is by far the quickest and easiest way to make broth. And because it cooks under pressure, we can extract every last nutrient out of the soup bones. Find it —> here! Need help getting started? Check out our Instant Pot FAQ here!

Our Cast Iron Pan is our go-to pan for cooking everything from quick veggie side dishes to making perfectly seared pork chops and steak. Find it —> here!

Medjool dates are one of our all-time favorite real food sweeteners for baking. They have an incredible brown sugar taste plus they not only sweeten, but add fiber and a fairly impressive amount of nutrients as well. Find our favorite —> here!

Simple Mills almond flour-based baking mixes are perfect for when a cookie craving hits, and the best part is they are so simple that the boys can easily make cookies themselves! Find Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix —> here!

More HEALTHY Comfort Food Recipes!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

N’Oatmeal Cookies

Stacy’s Soup

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits

Twice Baked “Macaroni”

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