Paleo Snack Attack: The BEST Paleo Snacks!

Summer seems to be the season of “snacks,” so we’e sharing some of the boys’ favorites in this week’s newsletter! Plus, a look back at our fun and busy week with berry picking, pie, and Paleo Asian (not) takeout food!

Our Real Life

The boys and I headed off to a u-pick farm Saturday morning to pick cherries and strawberries. I love being able to go on adventures like this with these three goofballs – they’re at such a fun age. And they actually did a decent job picking… if you count holding the box for me and watching me pick! Well, Wes was actually pretty good – but he definitely put more berries in his mouth than in his basket!

And of course we had the cherry pitter packed away deep in a pile of moving boxes, so it was up to the boys to pit all these cherries by hand. They were good sports though, which I’m sure was completely due to the promise of Cole’s Cherry Crumb Pie!

Last weekend we also received a huge box of goodies from Primal Kitchen, including Mark Sisson’s brand new cookbook! The boys all trampled me to take a collagen chocolate hazelnut bar while I sat down and enjoyed thumbing through the cookbook. It’s so full of awesome recipes that we made a meal plan entirely from this book we’ll be sharing with you soon!

In other cookbook news, earlier that weekend Paleo Takeout (one of our favorite cookbooks!) saved the day, again! We invited my mom’s newly found bio-family over for dinner, and they love Asian food so we served Thai Green Curry and Japchae, both from Paleo Takeout. My Indonesian “uncle” had multiple servings!

We had a such a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with so much good food and family. It was perfect!

Some of Our Favorite Snackity Snacks

Epic Maple Bacon Cracklings: salty, crunchy, and slightly sweet… these are one of our FAVORITE snacks!

Pure Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches: a favorite fruit-sweetened snack for the boys! These are a great alternative to fruit snacks, and they are a bit unique because the “sandwich” is made of a layer of softer fruit between two layers of fruit leather. Hint: adults like them too!

The New Primal Snack Mates: these grass-fed mini beef sticks are the perfect size for snacking! These were also made with kids in mind, so the seasoning is very mild and serving size just right. The boys all love them the case we got was gone in the blink of an eye! Can’t complain about them loving healthy protein as a snack!

Bubba’s Savory Snack Mix: if you’re missing something savory and crunchy, this snack mix will do the trick! With flavors of Gardetto’s and Chex Mix but with super clean ingredients, this is an awesome Paleo snack!

Our Favorite Snack Recipes

Peanut Butter & Honey Protein Balls

Banana Bread Balls

N’Oatmeal Cookies

Grain Free Granola

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

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