Paleo Pizza Party!

It’s a Paleo pizza party extravaganza in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

So… we prematurely called our house off the market. Our buyers backed out and we had to quickly pivot to getting it perfect shape and back on the market. Alas, it was good while it lasted. Not using our kitchen has led to us finding so many new places to eat! We were rushed out of house for a showing last weekend before breakfast and found De Clieu coffee and sandwich shop, which surprisingly had gluten-free bread. The boys were so excited for the Eggacado (egg, bacon, cheese and avocado) on Udi’s Gluten Free Bread! I also got an almond milk cappuccino and we shared a fruit cup. It was the perfect place to stop and plan our day of house hunting and visiting other open houses!

Because of all the chaos and running around, we’ve been working on recovery lately. And, as you’ll hear on this week’s podcast, one of my favorite ways looks a lot like this: SNUGGLEPILE! Petting animals and touching other humans are scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase your happy hormones. Here’s what my nights usually look like – lizard faced away from cats, flanked by boys on both sides <3

Another fantastic resource we’ve been using to get through crazy chaos lately? Both Vital Proteins Collagen (no time for broth), VP Liver Pills (for energy), and Collagen Veggie Blend (gotta get in your veggies!) have been great in helping me be my best self! When life gets a little more hectic and stressful, I try extra hard to keep my veggie and collagen intake high because it makes a world of difference in my health and my ability to deal with life around me.

This week’s theme is around pizza, because it was Wesley’s birthday yesterday and he requested pizza as his dinner meal. We ordered in gluten-free pizza delivery, but I can’t wait until we can get back in our kitchen and make these homemade recipes – because quite frankly they’re waaaay better.

Our Favorite Pizza-Making Products

Simple Mills Pizza Dough: this pizza dough mix has changed the homemade Paleo pizza game! It’s really easy to whip together, and there is no rolling or throwing the dough necessary… just press it into a pan, add toppings and bake!

Oregano: this is the herb that gives pizza a lot of its “pizza flavor.” The bonus is that it is also really good for you, so we sprinkle it on generosity.

Nutritional Yeast: the secret ingredient to making dairy-free sauces that taste like cheese. Our Meatza recipe (below) uses this in the cashew cheese. Another good-for-you ingredient! Who said pizza couldn’t be healthy?!

Instant Pot: we don’t make pizza in it, but we do use the instant pot to make a red sauce that tastes like it’s loaded with tomatoes, but isn’t! The instant pot has a million other uses to, but we ALWAYS use it to make our no-tomato sauce (recipe below!).

Our Favorite Pizza Recipes



Fauxmato Sauce (nightshade-free tomato style sauce!)

Mini Egg Pizzas

Pizza Kale Chips

Breakfast Pizza

Fruit Pizza

We Recommend…

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