Paleo Comfort Foods: Kids' Review, Coconut Flour Tortillas

We received our review copy (thank you Jules!) of Paleo Comfort Foods in the mail the other day.  We’ve been so busy with Stacy’s birthday activities that we hadn’t had an opportunity to even open it until Sunday afternoon.  I handed Wes the book and told him to have a go at finding us a recipe.  Fortunately for us, he’s a savant and chose Coconut Flour Tortillas – which worked out as a perfect compliment for our planned taco dinner.

Now, the good news is: they cooked up easily and quickly. Think crepes (you know, thin pancakes). We recommend using a floppy, thin spatula to flip and to oil the pan each time you cook up a new one. We tore more than one of them by forgetting this step.

They were surprisingly effective, albeit pretty moist and coconut-flavored. We attempted to make big tacos with them, but found that we ought not go too heavy on the toppings. Unfortunately for our testing purposes, our boys no longer like “tortillas.”

Finian actually had a temper-tantrum at the idea that something impede his meat and guacamole fiesta.  We ended up pushing the tortilla to the side for him and then he scarfed up dinner. Less about the tortilla (because Cole loved them) and more about Finn’s obsession with ground beef and guacamole.  In case you hadn’t yet heard that a dozen times.

They served their role in this capacity, which is the point of the book: here are recipes that will remind you of your pre-Paleo life without giving you the gluten hangover the next day.

A better use for them, I feel, would have been as open-face crepes. Fill the tortilla with guacamole and Mexican-seasoned ground beef, top with salsa, cilantro and green onions. This way you get all the flavors without the tearing. Also, chicken enchiladas without the cheese might work as well.

We decided to give them a try at being more crepe-like for a sweet dessert.  The boys loved them this way!  I simply added some cinnamon and nutmeg; then I sauteed some apple slices with coconut oil and cinnamon for an amazing “apple taco” result.  The boys scarfed that down super fast.

Here’s what we say: this is the first of MANY recipes that look amazing.  The boys have already thumbed through the book and said, “This is Paleo? Can we make it?!” There are so few recipe books which we own that we can trust to have recipes we can make no matter what the kids choose.  If you’re gluten-free or casein-free this is a perfect book for your bookshelf!

The price is insanely affordable for the quality and quantity of recipes, I say – what are you waiting for?  The book is open for sales and is available for purchase in stores on September 12th, and kicking it to the top of the charts this week will help keep Paleo in the mainstream.

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