Paleo as a Lifestyle

After we experienced significant weight loss, Paleo became something we integrated into the full scope of our lives.  We’ve always been a “crunchy granola” family: breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear, make our own baby food, etc.  The idea of getting back to the natural basics of being a family was part of why we fell in love with the Paleo lifestyle.  We began regularly visiting our local U-Pick farm and creating activities that got our bodies moving and brought us closer together.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I was able to get out of work before the sun was setting, allowing us to all take a walk through the nature trails in our neighborhood.  The boys were on the hunt for turtle, frogs, snakes and crocodiles (I hope not!) but what they found was quite different.

As Finian would tell you, “Reindeer! I see reindeer tracks!”

We were fortunate enough to have our phone for a few pictures of the deer family grazing alongside the creek we were following.

Then when we got home from our nature walk the Butternut Squash Lasagna we had put in the oven was ready.  And so YUM!

I recommend using a mix of hot sausage and a ground meat of some kind if sharing with children; but it had a perfect balance of sweet and spicy with just the hot sausage and sweet squash.  A salad rounded out the night perfectly; followed by a big game of hide and seek before bed.

Enjoy each other and the approaching Spring weather!

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