Our Stranger Things Halloween, plus Pumpkin Pudding and Chicken Soup!

We had a fantastic Halloween- and we’re excited to share the details! Plus we’ve got pumpkin pudding (a great way to use up those jack-o-lanterns!) on the menu, and warm and healing chicken noodle soup to welcome in the cool weather!

Our Real Life

This year’s family costume was awesome- we’ve loved watching the Stranger Things series with the boys as a family, and it turned out to be the perfect inspiration for our costumes! Maybe the best part was that the clothes from the boys’ costumes are things they will actually wear in real life outside of Halloween- so that was a double win.

Though some of our decorations were still packed away in boxes from our move, we decorated the backyard with what we had and put up a haunted tent for trick or treaters- stocked with cleaner candy and some non-edible treats too. And the inside of our house was once again turned into Hogwarts!

For our annual candy-free Halloween party we made a huge batch of Legit Pumpkin Bagels (recipe is here) which were simple to throw together thanks to Legit Bagel Mix. They were a huge hit with everyone at the party (we knew they would be!).

Recipes We Love This Week

Video of the Week

How to make our favorite Fauxmato Sauce in the Instant Pot –> click here to watch!

What We’re Reading

Sarah’s brand new book is releasing this week, and we couldn’t be happier for both her, and the Paleo community! This is a phenomenal resource full of the “whys” behind many of the food and lifestyle choices that make up the Paleo diet.

Get this book — here!

What We’re Eating

Halloween indulgences mean we’re focusing on lots of healing foods in the coming weeks- and broth is one of our favorites! This pre-made, shelf stable broth from Kettle and Fire is great to keep on hand for sipping, or quick soups and stews.

Get this broth — here!

What We’re Using

Beef Liver capsules have been instrumental in helping me to feel my best, making a huge difference in my wellbeing and energy level. While I don’t mind eating liver on occasion, my body thrives when it gets organ meats every single day, and these capsules make it easy.

Get liver pills — here!

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