Our Saturdays Look Like This

What real, pastured eggs look like. We missed Martha, our farmer, while she was on vacation in Hawaii. Happy to have her back!


The booty was bountiful and beautiful at the market this week!


Then we took Cole to the event we’ve been looking forward to for months, years even. I cried like a baby at the end of the Harry Potter 7 part 2 film. I realized that in the time since the first HP came out until the last film, I too have become an adult and sent my first born son to school. Deep, existential stuff…


Then we picked up 165lbs of meat from the butcher. Cole played Lego HP while we had our order custom wrapped and finished. When we’re not eating Polyface meats (need to be better about ordering stock in bulk when it is available) we love the Springfield Butcher. The customer service on our very customized order of beef, pork, chicken and venison was fantastic. And the price is good too, not as good quality as Joel’s but it’s a good place for Corolla-type meat.




Venison burgers were amazing! We topped them with sauerkraut, guacamole and sauces of varying type. With lettuce for “buns” and grilled asparagus, was a good meal for our 130* F heat index day.


Then we get ’em ready for bed (or try to, those guys are Stally McStallerton’s big time) and putz around the kitchen, computer, books & TV. It’s a happenin’ place over here!

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