Our Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

So I mentioned in the Apple Pie Balls post that we made those snacks for an upcoming vacation.

I guess I shouldn’t tease such things, because it causes you all to wonder about what it is we’re doing, how we liked it and how we stayed paleo on the road. I’ll admit to being completely lazy about pictures and blog posts lately if you all will be happy with some adorable kid photos as my penance?

The only family member I could get to pose for the ubiquitous “family” shot in the lobby was Cole.

This is where we spent 3 days. The result, exhausted kids who slept incredibly well. And, sadly, colds for us all…

This series of Cole catching Wesley going down the slide is pretty much the most adorable thing evar.

Finian is the best swimmer of all the boys, and here he’s telling me, “Mama, take my picture UNDER the water!”

Cole’s favorite part of the trip was MagiQuest, a scavenger hunt adventure led by “magic” wands!

If you follow us on Instagram you’ve already seen this one, but of the thousand pictures I took with my “real” camera – this phone photo is my favorite of the boys on their MagiQuest! The boys’ cousin, Jeremiah, also joined us – it was such a treat to go with my sister and her son!

One of the reasons we loved our vacation was that it had a very homey feel – we never had to leave! Usually places like this nickle and dime you to hundreds of additional dollars at check out, but because each room has a mini-fridge and microwave, we were able to avoid the unhealthy food traps at the Lodge.

Now, the boys did get to splurge and choose a (gluten-free) treat from the “sweets shop”, but for the most part they were content with eating in our room from all the food we packed in two coolers. What did we pack & eat?

  • Paleo Kits (Berky, Apple Pie & Coconut Packs are our favorite)
  • Krunch Bars
  • Apple Pie Balls
  • Coconut Date Rolls
  • Pure Wraps & tuna salad for “sandwiches”
  • Pre-cooked whole chicken “pulled” meat & guacamole for “sandwiches”
  • USWM hotdogs & meat sticks
  • Salad greens & homemade balsamic dressing
  • Hard boiled eggs & bananas for breakfast
  • A veggie stirfry with pork (my breakfast)
  • Coconut milk yogurt & raspberries for snacks
  • Banana chips, baby carrots, apples & amish potato chips (fried in lard)
  • Kombucha, water bottles and coconut milk for coffee and some wine for the adults
  • Don’t forget a can opener for your tuna, coconut milk and wine!

We had a ton of food come home with us, too. Funniest thing was that my standard-diet sister became obsessed with Paleo Kits after trying them. She went shopping on their website the first night we were there!

Now that we’re home we’ve all got a cold. It might have been the treats we had, it might have been sharing water and personal space with hundreds of other people, it may have been simply traveling. Whatever it is, we’re now all fighting the same cold as a result. Our healing foods of choice? Bone broth, ginger tea with honey, kombucha, FCLO (the boys take the orange flavor in a shot glass of apple cider and love it) and oil of oregano (can’t get the kids to take this though). Hope to be back to normal before the next long weekend in a couple days!

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