Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills

Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills by Paleo Parents

When it comes to focusing on a diet that is anti-inflammatory and nutrient-rich, it’s been long-established that eating organ meats is one of the best things you can do for your health. Yet so many of us, despite making huge shifts in our dietary endeavors with the elimination of grains, legumes, low quality dairy, refined oils, and processed sweeteners, have been ignoring that advice. It’s hard to go from eating only muscle meats, getting used to that distinct flavor, then trying to start eating the more pungent offal meats.

Perhaps it is because organ meats confront us with the knowledge that a creature died to make our meal, something many people don’t like to think about. From the distinct names to their pungent aroma and flavors, every kind of organ does not taste like muscle meat. Kidneys taste like ammonia, frankly, and can be extremely aromatic to cook. Tripe is very chewy, and takes a lot of effort to make palatable. And liver has an extremely strong iron taste and a soft, crumbly texture most do not enjoy. We know because when we wrote Beyond Bacon we recipe tested with every part of the animal, multiple times, in order to try to make offal not awful.

We get it. For a lot of people, including my hunting father who leaves them for the coyotes, the “innards” are just a no-go. Thing is, those are the foods most top of the food chain animals eat first – and for good reason. So while we may tell you to incorporate organs into ground meat dishes like in our meat sauce or meat pie or perhaps try our liver moussethere is finally an alternative. Enter Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsules.

Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills by Paleo Parents

If you can’t cook liver to your taste, why not take it as a pill? Made with 100% grass fed beef liver, you will get every bit the nutrition of beef liver in capsule form. It’s a whole food source that can be sprinkled on other foods, added to smoothies, or simply swallowed in the middle of the day for an energy boost.

It’s the perfect way to get the power of liver without the taste and preparation. Nutritious and convenient for everyone!

Even if you don’t mind the taste of liver, it’s a fantastic supplement form for those who may need to heal or want an extra nutritional boost. Frankly I’ve been doubling up with both beef liver pills and my requisite weekly organ meat in an effort to help heal my adrenal fatigue and manage thyroid disease better. How is it possible for liver to do all that?

Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills by Paleo ParentsSource: Beyond Bacon, which you need if you don’t already own!


Sure, you might say, but what will that do for you? Well…

  • Vitamin A is great for skin, bones and eyesight.
  • Vitamin B12 is nature’s best anti-fatigue nutrient.
  • Vitamin C is awesome for the immune system. And liver has more of it that even an apple!
  • Riboflavin plays a key role in energy conversion for the body.
  • Niacin improves liver function and hormone regulation.
  • Folate helps improve cardiovascular function and is absolutely necessary for fetal health.
  • Selenium is important for heart, joints, eye, immune and reproductive health.
  • Iron is an essential component of the blood.

For more information on liver’s nutrient content and why it’s THE BEST SUPERFOOD, check this post by Chris Kresser or this one from The Weston A. Price Foundation.

We tried the capsules for the last few weeks and we’ve found them to be an easy addition to our routine. We take either four in the morning, or two in the morning and two in the afternoons with lunch. I wouldn’t recommend them in the evening with dinner because the energy boosting effects of B12 and Riboflavin could potentially disrupt your sleep cycles. The boys didn’t even notice when we added these capsule powders to their smoothies, which is good since the pills are too large for them to swallow.

Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills by Paleo Parents Our favorite way to eat liver: Vital Proteins Liver Pills by Paleo Parents


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