Our Christmas Wish List

I have exciting, breaking news for you, an Paleo Parents exclusive! Thanksgiving is past, and it is now December! That means the holiday season is here and some 91% of Americans and about  a quarter of the entire world will feel compelled to give gifts to each other!

Here in the Toth-McCarry house, we have one resident enthusiastic Tiny Tim and one sighing Scrooge. You can guess who is who. You see, Stacy has never met a holiday tradition she didn’t want to adopt. She honestly loves waking up early for Black Friday shopping (link for those of the non-American persuasion). Check out our Instagram for our adventures with the Elf on the Shelf, our new addition this year. Every year we go out as a family and saw down a real tree, as well. We also have a Lego Advent Calendar and intend to be, once again, the kind of family that opens one gift on Christmas Eve. We even adopt traditions that aren’t even our own!

For me, though, with my out of control anxiety about social situations, the holidays give me stomach knots about gift giving. I’ve been trying to quit the whole thing since I turned 14. I’m lucky to have a wife who takes care of almost everything for me surrounding the crazy days, but still I question myself constantly about whether I’ve accomplished enough shopping.

So, since you aren’t married to Stacy and thus have to fend for yourself, I’ve decided to help you find some paleo-style gifts for you and yours!

14. Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I’m listing this first because I know that all of you out there who have been having success with paleo are feeling compelled to share! I honestly believe that Practical Paleo is the greatest introduction to paleo yet released. You can read our two part review here and here. Whether your loved one is overweight, has autoimmune disease, or is even an athlete, Practical Paleo has something for you!

13. Make You Own Sausage Kit

I’m sharing with you a very new discovery here. For years I’ve been grinding my own meat (with this attachment for my mixer) and using it to make sausage patties. During the process of writing Beyond Bacon, Stacy insisted I take on the task of stuffing my sausage into casings. Boy was I intimidated by that! But with the help of this attachment and some hog casings, I found that it was not only was it pretty simple, but it was really fun, too!

12. Le Crueset

Look at that Dutch Oven. Isn’t it beautiful? This is by far my favorite pot I own. So much so that it is no longer photogenic at all! I mean, I tried to show off the beauty of my own 5 quart dutch oven, but it’s always dirty! It’s stew season, fellows, and it’s the perfect time to place things on the stove and walk away and the beauty of the enamel wear is you can cook with for hours with all the even heat of cast iron without the painful scraping to get the stuck bits off. I love mine and I know you will too! We also own and love the Oval Pan, used in our Caramelized Beef Brisket recipe and perfect for bacon, if you’re looking for another one to add to your kitchen.

11. Spices For the Cabinet

I get most of my spices from Tropical Traditions these days. I really like their cinnamon, rosemary, dill, thyme and cumin and they’re pretty affordable for organic spices as well!

10. Steve’s Original Paleo Kits

We are actually giving a box of these to a special someone on our own list that fell in love with them during a visit! If you need a quick snack, nothing is healthier. Not only that, but each purchase benefits underprivileged kids.

9. Apple iPod Touch

Tangential? Maybe. But how else are you going to listen to The Paleo View? Or The Paleo Solution, Balanced Bites or Latest in Paleo for that matter? Give your loved one the gift of aural pleasure and pump knowledge in their earholes with this gift!

8. Blendtec Total Blender

This is on my list. You need a powerful blender to make things like almond flour or nut butters or truly smooth smoothies. Currently, we are without a blender at all and the idea of opening this one makes me squeal with anticipation!

7. Tickets to PaleoFX!

We’re going, are you? PaleoFX in Austin is the more down-to-Earth cousin of the Ancestral Health Symposium. Last year Stacy went and had a blast hanging out with the glitterati of the paleo world and we hope you’ll do the same with us this year!

6. Amazon Kindle

Some people say that the problem with cookbooks is that they are hard to cart around and reference while actually cooking. Well, there is a solution for that! Get a Kindle, the light and portable solution too looking up recipes! But you know what’s better? Getting the original Kindle to read your novels. The E-Ink is, honestly, better on my eyes that regular print.

5. Beauty products

Don’t tell Stacy, but she may be getting an assortment of natural beauty products in her stocking this year! First, her favorite aluminum-free deodorant, Lavanila. Then she might get some Jane Iredale makeup. Finally, how about some Green Pastures beauty balm? All of these and more were discussed on Episode 10 of the Paleo View.

4. Cool Lunchboxes

More and more I’ve been using the Goodbyn Byntos for all my boys. Cole takes a blue one for his lunch at elementary school while the little boys use theirs for packing preschool snacks. The best part is how they’ve each personalized theirs with dishwasher safe stickers! You could also make an investment into the older lunch eaters with a glass storage set, throw out all those BPA containers you have!

3. Paleo Apparel

Wouldn’t your wardrobe be improved by some Eat Like a Dinosaur shirts? Or maybe some Nom Nom Paleo shirts? Or maybe some Food Lovers shirts? What about my favorite Bacon Is Rad shirt? You can look like a family of paleo-crazed weirdos just like us!

2. Love Bean Fudge

Stacy brought this back from Austin this year and got us all into this stuff! It’s seriously chocolatey stuff and, best of all, all paleo friendly ingredients! Go try it out and you won’t be sorry!

1. Paleo Parents Books!

Do you have any children in your life that might need a fun and exciting cookbook that will help them set up healthy eating habits? How about Eat Like a Dinosaur? Do you know any pork lovers that will be out on their barbecue this summer?  Why not pre-order tham a copy of Beyond Bacon? You know how I know these books are good? Because I don’t write stuff that’s no good in my books!


Hope that list helps you to have a happy and successful holiday season! Have we left anything out? Let us know what’s on YOUR list! Maybe I want it too and just don’t know about it yet!

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