Our 10 Year Renewal – Part 4 of 5, as told in pictures

We were lucky enough to have gifted photographer friends attend our wedding. This post is entirely in thanks to them, without whom only a fraction of these photos (all of the not great ones) would exist.  My introduction is simple: Here’s the story and the romance of our day told through photos.

This was Matt’s first time putting together a video like this and I just couldn’t be happier. I love the technique he used to set the photos in motion with the audio of our exchanging of vows in the background. We hope you enjoy it too, and get to feel like you were there participating!

And now if we haven’t made you tear up from romance, how about tears of laughter?

Here are some of our awesome photos from the Majestic Photobooth we had at the party. SO glad we decided to do this, it was SUCH a blast for everyone – especially the kids and drunk ladies. And the best part is having all of these photo to remember exactly how much of a blast we all had!

From left to right, these are all ladies who have been featured on the blog before: Aimee Buxton, Patti and Kerry.

And here are the people I can’t thank enough: Issa Michel Photography & family,  Erin from SweetSassy (my genius crafter) and Aimee Buxton Photography & family

I love my insane family. My mom, Matt & his mom, my step-mother and sisters, grand father, my dad and his tiny dog (Baby Love).

Another blog contributor, Lori; Kerry‘s family and our Hot Pot companions Liz & family

Patti & her son (and Kerry‘s daugther), Sarah & family, and Hillary & family

The kids all had a blast. I loved finding pictures of kids (ours and others) randomly playing in the booth. Taking pictures of pictures. Making funny, silly or zombie faces. Having these photos will be something I enjoy looking at for the rest of my life.

Someone get these lovebirds a room… don’t they know they’re supposed to be tired of one another after 10 years?!


The photobooth came with an attendant that helped people cut and add their photos to a scrapbook for us. So each “booth session” had a set of printed photos – one for the person in the photos and one for our book. Then at the end of the night we got a CD with all the electronic photos. Genius!
It’s a fun, hip, updated take on the disposable cameras popularized years ago. The best photos are taken by those attending a party!

If you’re wanting to book one of these awesome photobooths, make sure to join and watch GrouponMajestic Photobooth is doing a great deal through them soon. Or, mention “PaleoParents” or use code “MajesticDC103” when ordering online and get a bonus add on to your package!

Note: a special thanks goes out to Aimee Buxton Photography, Issa Michel Photography and Erin from SweetSassy for their volunteered services in making our day the most special it could be. You are all true friends Matt and I could not possibly thank enough!


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