Recipe Writers Eat Other People's Food Too!

This community is inspiring.

It’s filled with people who love the taste of good, quality food. And as much as we love making our own recipes for foods we want, there’s also plenty of times we see a recipe on Chowstalker, The Foodee or elsewhere and say “wow, that looks good!” and then make it. Here are some of the foods we’ve made lately, which we HIGHLY recommend.

For Sunday brunch, I (because Matt gets Sunday off of housework) made these gorgeous, fun, and satiating Eggs in a Nest by Urban Poser. I’m not big on rosemary, so I subbed in Italian seasoning and lemon pepper instead.  The results were even better than I expected, and those expectations were high! They reminded us of our Spaghetti Carbonara; spaghetti squash and eggs just go so well together! The older boys fought over Wesley’s leftovers, and it kept them energized (another way of saying they weren’t begging for snacks) for quite a while!

The only reason Wesley had any leftovers of the egg nests at all, is because he was chowing down hardcore on the Banana Golden Raisin Muffins from Gourmaleo that we had also made.

Golden raisins are one of the foods we, as parents, never remember to pick-up. However, they also happen to be one of the foods that the boys literally jump up and down with excitement to see when we do remember. When I saw this recipe, I knew it would be a hit – and it was. The whipped eggs add a nice texture, better than the usually dense nut flour muffins we make. We subbed out almond milk for coconut milk and made them as mini-muffins. They made 44 mini muffins and only took 15 minutes to cook! Without any non-fruit sweeteners, these will definitely be made again! I think shredded carrots or zucchini would be a fantastic add too.

As brunch is usually Stacy’s experimentation and cooking day, our next recommendation was also made on a lazy Sunday morning. We used Healthy Living How To‘s recipe for Beef Enchiladas to make an egg and sausage brunch burritos. Holy cow, I have no words for how good this was. Making your own enchilada sauce is SO easy and beyond flavorful. I can’t recommend this recipe enough if you’re missing the store or restaurant stuff.

To make our brunch version, simply sub out the beef in the recipe for eggs scrambled with sausage (we used Tropical Traditions Bison Sausage). We recommend serving it over Elana’s Dirty Rice or HLHT‘s  Mexi “Cauli” Rice, we actually made up our own version using Wildtree Guacamole Seasoning – but Vanessa’s recipe looks great and we know Elana’s is too.

We also recently made these Coconut Lemon Meltaways from Addicted to Veggies. We’re using the photo from her site because they were SO GOOD I had not a moment to snag a picture before they were all inside bellies. With the low sugar content and gut-healing coconut, these will be a regular in our home!

You can find more recipes we’ve tried and loved on our Pintrest board.
We love finding new recipes and great blogs to “welcome” to the awesome real food community!

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