Nut-Free Paleo Snacks and Lunches


With nut-free lunchrooms and classrooms on the rise, there’s an increasing need for snacks that are both delicious and peanut and nut-free. With so many typical paleo snacks using nuts as a main ingredient (I’m looking at you, Larabar!), paleo nut-free options are even harder to find. What’s a paleo parent to do? Well, we brought our consultants in on this question and answered this on a Facebook Live video!

Those boys! All the snacks mentioned (and consumed) in the video are paleo boy tested, so we know they’ll be loved by both young and old! The box at One Stop Paleo Shop we put together in one simple package is perfect to get you started in your nut free adventures, too. What’s in this awesome box of deliciousness?

  • 1 Artisan Tropic – Plantain Strips – Sea Salt – 4.5 oz
  • 1 Yumbutter – Organic Superfood Sunflower Butter – 7 oz
  • 1 Epic – Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings – 2.5 oz
  • 1 Epic – Epic Bites – Bacon – 2.5 oz
  • 2 Roam Sticks – Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon 
  • 1 New Primal – Snack Mates – 5/pk
  • 1 Wild Zora – Meat and Veggie Bar 
  • 1 Bricks Bar – Turkey Bar
  • 1 Veggie-Go’s – Organic Fruit and Veggie Strip

If that doesn’t get you going, here’s our list of favorite nut-free snacks that we take to our school:

Meats and Animal Products

Epic Cracklins and Pork Rinds


Recently, we got a shipment of the new Pork Rinds and Pork Cracklins from our favorite meat bar company, Epic. And believe us when we say that each of these are absolutely delicious snacks that have become our go to car snack these days. Stacy had to steal a whole bunch to take to work before the boys had them all! The Salt and Pepper flavor will remind you of a crispy potato chip, while the BBQ Seasoning flavor will add that little kick that older kids will enjoy (Cole, supporter of Frank’s Red Hot, likes the BBQ). Meanwhile, the Maple Bacon flavor puts the “crack” in crackling, adding a little sweetness to your crispy rind.

Epic Bites


If you’re in need of a smaller meat bite, you can’t go wrong with Epic bites. They come in the classic Epic Bar flavors, like Uncured Bacon and Bison, and are absolutely a favorite around here!

Roam Sticks


With the end of their kickstarter, which we were a big supporter of, Roam Sticks are now widely available and are the best jerky sticks we’ve ever tried. While the Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon flavor is great, we’re huge fans of the Hickory Smoked Pork with Pineapple flavor. Cole said it was his favorite food in the house one day when he tried to bring 3 to school!

Bricks bars


Bricks Bars are meat bars that include seeds and fruit instead of nuts. It will give you that great all around nutrition from it’s components that are sure to push you or your little ones through the day!

Wild Zora


Wild Zora are meat bars that also have veggies in them. While some are pretty spicy, our boys do enjoy the lamb and rosemary one and don’t even detect the spinach!

New Primal Snack Mates


Snack mates are tiny versions of the New Primal meat sticks. They’re perfect for little snacks for little kids and their flavors are not too strong for developing palates.

Veggies and “Veggies”

Carrots and Wholly Guacamole


Wesley loves his carrots and guacamole and the individual Wholly Guacamole cups make it easy to bring without the “is it ripe, is it rotting?” wondering of buying avocados!

Good Health Potato Chips


Potato chips? In the paleo diet? Well, when they’re fried in 100% avocado oil, the cleanest, highest temperature oil you can get, then absolutely! They’re delicious!

Black olive cups


Cole loves black olives and was thrilled to find snack cups full of them. Fantastic in lunches and snacks and full of healthy fats, olives may be that new food your kids will love.

Plantain strips


These plantain strips are slices of that starchy banana cousin fried in palm oil to give that familiar crunch of a chip snack. But because they’re plantains, you’re getting that dose of potassium and fiber you’ll want during your day!


Fruit Leathers

pure-fruit-leather carrot veggie go

When the boys were growing up, they loved to get fruit leathers every time we went to Trader Joes. Now, we get Pure Organic Fruit and Veggie Strips sent to the house to take to lunch as their “dessert”. They also like the Veggie-Go brand that One Stop Paleo Shop carries. They won’t know that their “candy” is full of vitamins!

Apple chips


Bare Apple Chips are baked apples that make porting fruit easy. We love to eat these by themselves of with a sweet dip of some kind!

Apple sauce squeezers


These apple sauce squeezers are so convenient, I can’t keep them in the house! Pouches make a spoon obsolete, making them perfect in class snacks!


Pure Wraps


The best bread replacement we’ve found are Pure Wraps. Made from only coconut pulp, they’re slightly sweet, but extremely pliable. Not only can you make sandwich wraps with them, but they’re great for desserts, too. Instead of a crepe, why not a Pure Wrap with strawberry and Nutella?


Power Balls


Power Balls by our friend Paleo Angel, are bite-sized nuggets of nutrition that you won’t believe are healthy snacks! They’re made from coconut, collagen, and honey and are completely AIP-compliant! With so many flavors, you’ll definitely find something that everyone will love!

Yumbutter Sunflower


You gave up peanut butter and switched to almond butter. Now you can’t bring nuts. What will you replace your butter with? It’s simple: choose sunflower seed butter. It has the same texture and a similar flavor to nut butters, but none of the problematic ingredients! And in little squeeze packs, they’re also ultra convenient!

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