Non-Toxic Scalp & Hair Health (Class & Products)

My hair is the longest and healthiest it’s been since I graduated high school! With 3 pregnancies and nursings, nutrient deficiencies from chronic dieting, and autoimmune diseases, my hair was a struggle. It used to fall out so much we’d find hair tumbleweeds around the house! After decades of short hair, I decided I wanted to grow it out during quarantine. After years of research, here are my tips for Non-Toxic Scalp & Hair Health. The processes can be used by almost all textures of hair, but it’s important to note that these products are what’s best for my hair and similar textures! If you’re not sure, I’d love to help you. I do free consults, just e-mail me.

Non-Toxic Scalp & Hair Health

There are 5 factors for optimizing your Scalp & Hair Health:

  1. Use non-toxic non-irritating products, making sure to both exfoliate and add oils
  2. Massage your scalp: both to increase bloodflow and reduce stress (and face wrinkles)
  3. When sleeping and wearing hair up, vary position and use a soft material to prevent breakage
  4. Only shampoo the scalp 1-2 times per week (+ dry shampoo and clarifying tips)
  5. For styling, try the bowl method and use clean products with minimal touch when wet

Repeat after me: Wet Hair is Weak Hair

I go through a  tutorial in this YouTube video! Read below for an in-depth step-by-step and links to all of my favorite products.

Use non-toxic non-irritating products: exfoliate and add oils

These are all products I have personally used, vetted, tested, and currently recommend. I have tried nearly 100 products over the last several years testing non-toxic brands that still perform. I am quite picky when making formal recommendations, so know that I have thoroughly explored a lot of options!

On Wash Day, which is only 1-2x/week, I follow the below steps:

*I have several Shampoo Brushes, any will work to prevent oily hair and add volume

On NOT Wash Day, I follow the below steps:

  • 1: The night before I use the overnighttowel method” and ideally simply “let loose” my curls (if not, I touch up with a curling iron)
  • 2: as needed (usually every other day), Vegamour Dry Shampoo blended in with Shampoo Brush
  • 3: To refresh curls and add additional shine, I mist with water** and scrunch in from the ends Curlsmith Shine Oil (fragrance-free) combined with Beautycounter Glow First Priming Serum, which prevents it from feeling oily

** I also have made a homemade “Refresh Spray” that works well: Water Bottle with Function of Beauty Anti-Frizz Booster Shots (2 per spray bottle), about two quarters the Curlsmith Fragrance-free Shine Cream Leave-in-Conditioner – I shake before use then spray and scrunch!

Other items I like:

👉 If you want to try Vegamour, use code WHOLEVIEW for 20% off
👉 Other products mentioned are on my Amazon Faves NonToxic Beauty Shop or my Target Clean Product Guide

Massage your scalp

When you incorporate massage into your prep (clarifying serum) and exfoliation, it helps to:

  • increase bloodflow on the scalp to improve growth,
  • reduce stress (and improve health factors such as blood pressure and heart rate), and
  • improve signs of aging and wrinkles

Using a Shampoo Brush helps to increase massage and exfoliation.

Here’s a fantastic tutorial you can do with just your hands, though I have and like this Sandalwood Gua Sha and this Jade Gua Sha tool.


scalp health = healthy hair

Vary position and use a soft materials when wearing up

Silk and satiny-bamboo are your hair (and skin’s) best friends! The other thing that was super helpful for me

Change How & When You Shampoo

Wash day routine for healthy hair & scalp:

  1. Before washing: using a boar bristle brush, detangle by brushing out – this helps reduce breakage and shedding while washing, since wet hair is more vulnerable.
  2. *Shampoo ONLY the scalp first thing, let the water run down and wash out the shampoo as it rinses (helps retain natural oils which are protective);
  3. Condition and use a hair claw or clip to keep in and on top of your head during remainder of shower; and
  4. Rinse conditioner focusing only on scalp, the water will rinse a lot of the conditioner out of the rest, but leaving some in will help it stay healthy and strong.
  5. Once a month: use an exfoliator, such as the Bamboobuff Polish to my shampoo about once a month to really exfoliate the scalp (note, I use a conditioning mask after)

Other tips:

  • Test your water for hardness (we have hard water). “While your hair is wet, the minerals from hard water can penetrate your strands and crystallize as your hair dries… The crystallization creates a cast that prevents moisture from getting in or out of your hair. That means drier, duller hair more prone to tangles and breakage. Consider a water softener or ensure to do the rehydrating steps here if it is hard.” source
  • Reduce frequency of washing to improve scalp and hair health. If you use dry shampoo, make sure to clarify and exfoliate during the washing process.
  • Avoid doing much of anything to hair when wet!

For styling, try the bowl method and use clean products with minimal touch when wet

  1. Apply products as you’d like, I use the bowl method to saturate hair and distribute product for better curls, but to each their own.
  2. After scrunching hair to squeeze out majority of water, and keeping hair upside down, use a microfiber cloth for however long you have to “plop” the curls (essentially, allowing them to set without gravity or movement, usually 20-45 min is great).
  3. Then gently remove towel, flip hair upside down, and either air dry (most days) or diffuse (if curly). Once dry, apply dry shampoo and massage with shampoo brush to blend in and get lift for volume at roots.
  4. On non-wash days, mist with water or Refresh Spray of your choice (note: I don’t recommend salt or alcohol as they enhance volume and curls by drying out the hair), and scrunch with a combination of the Hair Oil and Glow Serum. Touch up wonky spots with round brush and blow dryer or styling rod (curling iron).

Referenced tutorial videos:


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