Noms for Eating More Vegetables than a Vegetarian

Hi friends- here are our favorite ways to get in ALL THE VEGGIES, plus a look at our week!

wes waco

This week we had lots of fun out and about with friends. From breakfast for dinner to the Renaissance Festival and friends over for open gym with good eats after – we have (as per usual) been getting our noms on!

I mean, just look at this crazy (genius) kid. He promptly invented the Waco (thats pronounced walk-oh, aka: waffle taco) after he and Finn made (all by themselves) waffles with Paleoful Pancake and Waffle Mix. These are so SOFT AND LIGHT that Wes was able to fold his and fill it with berries and cream. And then he took the biggest possible man-sized bite he could fit in his mouth.

ren fest turkey

Then again, I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?! Like mother, like son… with a FACE FULL of Paleo goodness! It was our first time visiting the Renaissance Fest (in Maryland) and we had a blast watching guys swallow swords and people-watching all the interesting characters while gnawing on smoked turkey legs!

pizza boats

We might have a new obsession… Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Squash Boats from Everyday Maven (<— recipe here!!). So good, and REALLY easy to throw together. If you’ve never had a spaghetti squash in your hands before, we have a complete tutorial on how to get spaghetti squash in your life STAT. Salty crispy pepperoni on a boatload of veggies was the PERFECT FUEL for our Friday night workout. Also making an appearance (but not for long because it was devoured in record time!) was Paleo Gone Sassy’s Twice Baked Mac and Cheese.

steak and veg

The real star of our dinner is often the veggie side dishes. We always aim for at least two or three veggie sides at dinner, and there is always something green. When cooked and seasoned well, veggies are delicious (even the boys think so). Mastering a few simple and quick veggie sides makes eating Paleo SO MUCH EASIER. Roasted Citrus Broccoli (from RLP) and mushrooms & onions (also in RLP) with spinach sautéed in Tin Star Brown Butter Ghee are a couple of our favorites!

And… okay, credit to Matt on this gorgeous, perfectly cooked steak too! Need steak perfection in your life? Look to the Restaurant Steak recipe in Real Life Paleo. Admittedly, half of this steak was sliced and saved for the day after’s lunch salad. See, veggies!

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy

Vegetables have been an ESSENTIAL part of improving the health of every member of our family! Ironically, Stacy was raised as a vegetarian – but eats far more vegetables now than she did back then when meals were filled with cereals, pasta, beans, and tofu. It’s why she created the #morevegetablesthanavegetarian on social media, now widely used by so many of the community that love eating the rainbow, too.

Of course with kids handing them a bowl of kale after a standard diet yesterday isn’t going to lead to success, so the first few years of our Paleo journey we also put a lot of energy into helping the boys learn to love veggies, which was an incredibly worthwhile investment of our time, as they will likely be LIFE-LONG VEGGIE EATERS, and be much better off for it (listen to this podcast if you want more info on the importance of veggies to your health – including a decreased risk of cancer). Here are some of the ways we keep vegetables fun and exciting:

For the Love of Veggies!

The Spiralizer is an incredible way to make vegetables more fun for kids and adults. If you’ve never seen one, it turns just about any cylindrical veggie into spaghetti-like strands, and the most popular is zucchini. We love “zoodles” topped with clam sauce, tossed with ghee and shrimp, and in soups.

My vote for most underrated vegetables: sea vegetables! They have a whole different profile of nutrients than things that grow on land. Sea Veg Sea Salt is ground seaweeds with sea salt, and I use it nearly every day to add more minerals and vitamins to my diet. On salad and eggs are my fav!

how to eat more veggies

Sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil – Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips are a great way to get in healthy fats and veggies. These are the perfect side for easing picky eaters into eating more vegetables, and a lunch-time favorite in our household!

Pure Fruit and Veggies Strips have the benefit of being fruit-based, so they taste sweet and anyone (especially kids) will love them; plus they have the added bonus ingredient of vegetables. File this under vegetables in disguise, and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that!

So this one isn’t a vegetable, but it IS a vegetable-magic-maker. Brown butter ghee is nutty and deep with flavor, and any vegetable you pair it with will become incredibly delicious! Plus, this Tin Star brand (we get it at OSPS) is certified casein and lactose-free.

Your Favorite Veggie Recipes

All About Salad and Salad Dressing

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits
sweet potato drop biscuits from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents 740

Creamy Ranch Coleslaw
Creamy Ranch Coleslaw by PaleoParents 6

Meatball Salad
Meatball Salad Featured Image

The Healthiest Ice Cream Ever

Kale 3 Different Ways
Crazy for Kale by PaleoParents

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