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Alrighty, we owe another book reveal post because you fantastic, supportive, and always surprising people have “liked” Eat Like a Dinosaur on Amazon 100 TIMES?!


The most common questions we get are usually related to execution in the kitchen. We understand that going Paleo introduces you to weird tools like meat grinders, dehydrators, your own ice cream maker and a host of ingredients you haven’t even heard of before, like arrowroot powder and palm shortening. Do not fear, our new pages are here!

Based on the chapter in our book titled The Boring Chapter for Parents, we’ve made two new pages on the site for you to answer questions you have on such topics!

Tools We Find Helpful

Our Funny Ingredients

We intend these pages to be a tool for those just getting started or even for those who may not have “turned over” their Paleo kitchen entirely yet. We hope you may learn something new… like why your food turns green when you cook with sunflower seed butter.

Also, we made our Recipes to Try page SUPER pretty, so go take a look. We recommend a bucket to drool into before clicking that link.

We’ve also updated our Amazon Store & Recommendations which now has added items we find ourselves loving and using. Hopefully it’s more helpful for you!

And if you’re itching for more info on the book, you can always read our earlier “reveal” posts here and here and here. At 150 “likes” on Amazon we’re going to reveal the chapter names and recipe titles… so spread the word and go “like” our book (if in fact you do in fact like the idea of our book.

Lastly, we’ve updated the list of the people who are earning a free copy by linking to this page. If you’re wanting a free book, there’s still plenty of time to get a link up on your site and drive traffic on over. Read more about the details here. Congrats to Summer from Banana Hammocks and Tutus who’s currently in line to get a free signed copy from the whole family!

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