New Focus

Tonight was our first Meet Up and we are certainly starting small. I hope to see more of you next month at a new location!

One of the interesting topics brought up is how there is a lack of practical advice in the Paleo community. Sure you can go to Robb Wolf and learn the science or read Loren Cordain’s papers. You can find any number of Crossfit trainers out there to learn about being hardcore. But what about doing it simply with your limited time and budget? How about advice on how to gain as much of the benefits possible without the feeling like it’s dominating your life? Well, that’s where I come in, I suppose.

Hi! My name is Matt and I am a professional father (paid mainly in affection). My job is to make sure my kids are as happy and healthy as possible. I buy all the groceries, do all the cooking, and do most of the playing. Who better than I, who has so successfully sold this lifestyle to three children, to explain how I make this work and how it can work for you?

So soon I will start a series on how I make this work, how it can work for you, and why. Stay tuned.

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