Matt vs Food: This Week in Red Meat

Through a variety of unintentional means, I have come into the possession of about 100 pounds of ground venison. I have filled up two freezers with the stuff and I need help. How am I to use up all this red meat without my family getting bored? There are only so many ways that I know how to use ground meat and I’ll run through them very quickly! So I have a little proposal for you. A little friendly competition that will help keep me inspired and that you might enjoy as well.

It’s simple: Every week I will make three dishes with my ground venison.

I will make two recipes that are reader submitted (they can be from anywhere, just give credit where it’s due – please) to our email or to @EatLikeDino on Twitter. Then for the third dish, I will invent a never-been-shared recipe of my own devising. At the end of the week, I’ll write a post with the following:

  • Links to the submitted recipes (or, if you just wish to share the recipe without a link, I’ll link to whatever else you want)
  • A shout out to the submitter (make sure you tell us if you have a Facebook page, Twitter account or website, please!)
  • My recipe, in our regular format
  • Pictures taken by Stacy
  • Our whole family’s overall thoughts & comments
  • And the fun part…

With as much blinding as possible (meaning I won’t tell them whose recipe is whose), I’ll have Cole and Finn pick the winner of the week. I may even be able to bribe them into appearing in a video reviewing the dishes they tried.  Your prize is winning, and probably a little site traffic if you’re into that sort of thing.  Mainly though, we’re attempting to help families think of fun and new ways to use one of the most affordable cuts of meat you can buy: ground red meat.

If that’s at all appealing to you, let me know! I’ll hold the contest as long as I keep getting submissions, or until I run out of meat. So, since I’m so much worse of a publicist than Stacy, it may not even make it past this week for all I know! Get your submissions in quickly so I can make it happen!

Oh and a little note about venison, for those unfamiliar. When butchered, venison is very lean. Often, and in our case, beef or pork fat is mixed into the ground meat. When this happens, it essentially replaces any ground beef dish you can think of. Don’t be afraid to send me ANY ground meat recipe; I can make it work!

I’m excited to try this, so please join in the fun!

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