March Forth – A Free Gift: LashFood Collagen Conditioning Lash Primer!

Today is the day! We are Marching Forth on Washington, DC to ask for legislators to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act, which would finally give the Federal Government the authority to regulate personal care products. Whether you buy Beautycounter or not, this Act matters. We need people to talk to their legislators and ask them to support this bi-partisan effort. You can start simply by texting “BetterBeauty” to 52886.

For perspective, regulation is what keeps lead out of the paint on your walls but current legislation prevents the FDA from keeping it out of the lipsticks we ingest. When formaldehyde in Brazilian blow outs was causing people to lose their hair (Mary Louise Parker publicly talked about it) and nothing could be done Federally. This law would change that.

People start eating clean, cloth diapering, breastfeeding and living naturally to reduce toxins and achieve health. And then they use products they think they can trust, like an oatmeal based name-brand body wash only to find out it has hormone disrupting propylparaben and organ system toxicity. The thing is, people have no idea what they don’t know. The manufacturer’s trust that if it was unsafe, it would be regulated. Consumers trust that if was unsafe, manufacturers wouldn’t use it. And meanwhile, there is no governing body to ensure either of those things from happening, despite being banned in the EU, mind you.

And, if you’re ready to remove the toxins, I’ve got a deal for you to help you “swap” your current more toxic products for cleaner, safer, better ones ♥

In honor of the March Forth celebration, we’re sharing the love with you!


I know you’ll be as excited about this as I am about this brand discovery! I’ve intentionally created this deal at various price points depending on your need – so that you are able to try out the primer in a small amount, or if you trust me jump in for both a travel and full size one FREE from me!

—> Spend $50, get a travel size LashFood Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer from me
—> Spend $100, get a full size
LashFood Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer from me
—> Spend $150+, get a travel size and full size
LashFood Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer from me

Deal valid for purchases made March Fourth (get it…) through March 14th, 2018. As a reminder, value is after use of credits and before tax or shipping and orders must be placed with for me to track your order.


I wanted to remind you that the Clean Swap deal is still valid. I shared about it in detail on this post, but you get one free deluxe sample of your choice when you purchase one of the recommended swap products, is still valid through March 7th. So, if you purchase a mascara and something else to get you to the $50 total you’ll get 2 free samples from HQ as well as lash primer from me!

These 6 products are perfect replacements for some of the worst offenders in most people’s vanity’s. Beautycounter is asking you to DUMP YOUR DIRTY products and SWAP IN THESE CLEAN ONES. Remember, with their 60 day no-questions-asked return policy – what do you have to lose?!

And when you purchase any of these 6 products RIGHT NOW through March 7th:Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream,Balancing Facial Mask,Hydrating Body Lotion,Volume and Shape Shampoo,Volumizing or Lengthening Mascara, Lip Sheer of any color

You can choose up to 3 free deluxe travel minis of your choice FREE at checkout:

  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion 7ml
  • No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil 5ml
  • Body Wash 59ml
  • Volume & Shape Conditioner 50ml
  • Smooth & Control Conditioner 50ml

Order from me HERE

My two best friends

Why LashFood?

Gasp, a new brand?! Trust me, this is the beginning of a beautiful romance! I don’t exaggerate in saying I’ve been searching for a replacement lash primer for over 6 months. I loved Tarte MultiplEye – not just because it worked, but because it was safe AND because it also improved the health of my lashes over time. But they stopped making it. 😭 And the one now sold by Tarte is not only not as safe or clean, but it just doesn’t work as well.

A good lash primer will:

  • Make your lashes appear fuller and longer when worn under mascara.
  • Strengthen and protect your lashes from damage.
  • Help your mascara stay on longer and come off more easily.

I found and discovered Lashfood in my quest as that recommended replacement. I particularly love this product because [wait for it] it uses collagen as a building block! COLLAGEN. It’s also SAFER with a 2 rating on EWG, the same as my last primer recommendation. Unlike most brands I provide, it boosts both length and volume (those fibers inside are LEGIT).

Here’s what the brand says: This lash primer contains lash extending, thickening microfibers to instantly stretch and extend the look of lashes, and collagen to boost volume. Formula works as a daytime nourishing lash mask conditioning lashes with nano-peptide complex to promote lash vitality. Lash base also features micro-thickening natural lash fibers to instantly achieve the look of false lashes and maximize the result of any mascara. The large, soft wand flawlessly combs and separates lashes and simultaneously improves the look of natural lashes with each stroke.

To Use

Here is a video I did on lash primer basics, but the steps are:

  1. Apply to CLEAN lashes (reapplication to stiff lashes causes breakage)
  2. Apply slowly and evenly, as once the primer sets that is the shape of your lashes. If you’re going to use a lash curler, use it before the primer fully sets stiff.
  3. Wait until the primer is completely dry and stiff, then apply mascara. I recommend two thick coats because Twiggy is my idol.

Summary Reminders:

  1. No matter what products you prefer, we need you to reach out to your legislators and ask for safer, better products. Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 or ask your local delegates to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act.
  2. My new recommendation for lash primer? LashFood’s Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer.
  3. Get yourself a lash primer FREE by shopping through between now and March 14, 2018.
  4. While you’re shopping, put a Beautycounter mascara in your cart (or any of the Clean Swap items) to get a free deluxe sample free too (limit 3).

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