Look Ma, We’re On TV!

In the midst of everything else we had going on the last few weeks, we got a request from a local news team for an interview about our family’s experience with Paleo. Of course, we were thrilled to help spread our positive thoughts on how real food can affect a family!

It’s our hope that other families watching their morning news would be inspired to give paleo a try if it means not just losing weight, but drastically improving health too. So we (nervously) invited a news crew with bright lights and a big camera into our home for a few hours to hang out and watch us prepare a healthful, balanced dinner for the family while being asked a few questions.

We made Insanely Awesome Meatloaf from Beyond Bacon, which is a simple loaf adaptation of Meatloaf Cupcakes – it truly is a weekly staple in our home. We also made Nature’s Spears from Eat Like a Dinosaur and Rosemary Carrot Mash, one of our new favorite recipes from Beyond Bacon.

We were interviewed by the very nice Jummy Olabanji, who herself was healthy, fit and pretty familiar with Paleo. I shared some Caveman Cookies and Hail Merry macaroons with them in an attempt to show them it can be easy and delicious. By the time they were leaving Jummy said she was going to give it a go for 30 days. Can’t ask for more than that!

If you want to check out our interview, see us prepare this paleo meal very common for our dinner table and watch our very active kids chow down on more veggies than most children eat in a week… HERE’S THE LINK TO THE STORY and HERE’S THE LINK TO THE VIDEO Or, click on the picture of the video to be taken to the article and video of the ABC news channel story.

PaleoParents on ABC7

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Check back later this week, where (along with a giveaway for an early release copy of Beyond Bacon) Rosemary Carrot Mash will be one of a few recipes we’re going to reveal and share with you all IN the Beyond Bacon layout! We’ll pick ONE recipe that’s a popular reader request – so comment on this post with your request for any other recipe you’ve seen us or recipe testers talk about. As a reminder, you can see previews here on Facebook and on our FAQ teaser page.

p.s. this post is only slightly sarcastic, because my mother really is excited we’re on TV but needed the link since she’s neither tech savvy or local ♥ Also, high-five to our boys for not picking their noses or other embarrassing boy behavior on camera… quite an accomplishment!

p.s.s. Yes, we wore NomNomPaleo’s shirt and displayed our favorite paleo books for them, including Gather, Practical Paleo, Well Fed, Spunky Coconut’s Dairy-free Ice Cream and OMG. That’s Paleo?. And of course, our first cookbook that’s always on our counter, Eat Like a Dinosaur.

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