{Last Minute} Paleo Halloween and Pumpkin Recipes

We’re sooo excited for this weekend of Halloween festivities! (As evident in this week’s newsletter!):

Our Real Life

harry potter halloween prep

It’s been a great week – welcoming in the fall weather, and sporting my Halloween leggings and Harry Potter nail polish! We’ve been working all week to get the house ready for our annual Halloween party. This year the theme is, you guessed it: Harry Potter, which we wrote two posts about already!

Cava grill paleo gluten free

Cava Grill is my new Chipotle, and if you haven’t been to one, I’d highly recommend you check it out! I had green salad with extra arugula, pastured meat, cucumbers, tzaziki, feta, and pickled onions with lemon herb tahini. Next time I’m getting the roasted veggies that my mom had – during our mommy-daughter date I stole a bite and they were DELISH! Love finding super clean, nutrient-dense “take out” options!

beef tenderloin horseradish

Beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen did NOT disappoint! Especially enjoying it amongst the spooky halloween decor in our Harry Potter-esque “great hall.” Can I please leave these decorations up all year?!

crab cake with egg gluten free butcher mcclean

Looking to change up your breakfast routine? Seafood is one way to do it – and add in much-needed Omega 3 fatty acids among many essential nutrients! One of my favorites are the gluten-free crab cakes (pre-made, to cook at home) from our local shop, The Organic Butcher of McLean. Served with a fried egg on top for breaktast or a salad on the side and your meal will be ready in less than 15 minutes. And sooo good!

BeautyCounter Sales and News!


People always ask me about my eyebrows – and now I finally have a safer, non-toxic solution for you! PLUS Beautycounter also just re-released their eyeliner in a new & improved formula.

So go get yourself on fleek —> HERE!

Our Favorite Snacks

(Great for Halloween Festivities or Post-Trick or Treats!)

Paleo party snacks

Need a quick party snack? Something salty to combat the Halloween treats? Here are some of our favorites HEALTHY munchies!

Epic Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings– these are a brand new product from Epic and have quickly become a favorite. Salty, smokey, slightly sweet- they hit all the right buttons (even low carb – only 1g per serving!). And the crunch is amazing! We found these at —> One Stop Paleo Shop. I also highly recommend the Salt & Pepper, That Paleo Couple brought them paired with guacamole to our potluck and it was a HUGE hit!

Plantain Chips and Wholly Guacamole– this combo is an old favorite, and a great snack for parties, or to re-fuel after trick-or-treating.

Bubba’s Snack Mix– have you tried this yet?! It’s the Paleo version of Chex Mix, and it is insanely good. Made with really clean ingredients, this stuff doesn’t last long in our house! PS: they also have Ranch and BBQ flavors!

Pumpkin Recipes: make today FOR tomorrow!

Want a tip? We carve our pumpkins the day of Halloween, then rinse them off at the end of the night, cut them in half, roast them upside down in a shallow water bath. Then when soft we puree and freeze to have homemade pumpkin puree all through the fall & winter!

We’ve got a TUTORIAL ON PUMPKINS HERE, which includes our list of favorite pumpkin recipes you can use the puree with:

Here’s some of our favorite pumpkin recipes to get you started:

Perfect Pumpkin Seeds (don’t waste all those seeds as you carve and roast pumpkins! our crispy roasted seed recipe is better than popcorn!)

Pumpkin Pudding from Real Life Paleo

Pumpkin Delight Cookies

Pumpkin Mini Bagels (adapted from Spunky Coconut)

Pumpkin Pucks (hugely popular)

AIP-friendly Banana Pumpkin Pucks

Pumpkin and Bacon Silver Dollar Pancakes

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Butter

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Cider “Latte”

Breakfast Puree

Also the Healthiest Ice Cream Ever is amazing made with pumpkin and spices

Halloween Recipes: make today FOR tomorrow!

Here are some of our favorite fall-inspired recipes perfect for a last-minute surprise!

BREAKFAST: Autumn Breakfast Cake

DINNER: Pumpkin Chocolate Chili

DESSERT: Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies

DRINK: Frothy Better Butter Beer

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