Keep. The. Romance.

This weekend I was extremely busy. As the Fundraising Co-Chair of our sons’ preschool, I’m partially responsible for the annual auction – where we sell over 300 items and hold a gala in an attempt to make thousands of dollars for the school. It’s rewarding, albeit exhausting work. Since the auction was on Saturday, I hardly spent any quality time with my family all weekend, between planning, running and counting money from the event.

Last night Matt fed the kids spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and venison meatballs earlier than usual while he prepared a 2nd dinner for us. I’m not usually a supporter of eating outside the “family dynamic” but on special occasions it provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect, talk without interruption and pause the world for a few moments.

I emerged from tucking in the boys to find a Fields of Athenry Delmonico steak, white and green asparagus, a roasted sweet potato and home made applesauce on the table. In a quiet room. With wine and romance written all over it. It’s not without effort that nearly a decade later we’re happily married. I hope I can always feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

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