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We know, having lived the experience, that going paleo is pretty hard. That’s why we wrote Real Life Paleo, after all! Now the phased approach certainly is a successful, proven method for gently sliding into paleo, but it’s definitely augmented by taking that journey with friends. Soon after we went paleo, we found ourselves surrounded by supportive friends who were also on the same path. Maybe that’s a situation you find yourself in.

We once found a couple running a bed and breakfast in Maryland that had found a unique way to support each other in paleo: they held weekly rotating paleo dinner parties with several other families. Each couple would take a week to prepare a paleo feast for the others in their home. It helped them stay on track and be held accountable. And also it seems like a lot of fun! Now, with The Paleo Approach Dinner Club, everyone can do that with ease!

For those on the autoimmune protocol, it’s likely even harder than just paleo for most people. But you’re in luck! Sarah Ballantyne, the Paleo Mom herself, is delivering an ebook with all the tools to start an autoimmune protocol dinner club in your neighborhood! We were so inspired by the idea that we even contributed to this project along side some of the other top bloggers in the community!


So how does The Paleo Approach Dinner Club eBook work? Well, first, Sarah teaches you how to throw a dinner party with your friends. How are you going to find the people for your club? How do you set up the rotation? What else do you do for entertainment (this was my personal favorite!)? Sarah explains it all!

There are meal plans for 12 weekly parties, plus a barbecue and Thanksgiving menu. It’s all laid out so that even your non-paleo friends can follow Sarah’s simple recipes and participate in the dinner club with even the most veteran AIP follower.

Week One Meal Plan From Paleo Approach Dinner Club by Paleo Parents

The way it works is this: Sarah has assigned four participants a certain number of dishes to prepare for each week, trying to evenly divide the work load among them. Everyone brings the dishes assign and then everyone enjoys the results. It seems like a very fun way to explore AIP with friends who support each other.

The recipes in there are contributions from many different bloggers who are used to writing delicious recipes for autoimmune diets, including Sarah herself and us! Everything looks delicious and perfect for the the dinner party concept.  We contributed for the kids section, a BONUS CHAPTER of the book with all kid friendly recipes!

Person Schedule from Paleo Approach Dinner Club by Paleo Parents


Sarah has thought of everything for this unique book – the recipes even all have transportation instructions so you know how best to carry your contribution from one house to another!

Another cool feature is that Sarah has included information on party games to play with your new club friends! What better way to enjoy the company of others than to play and have fun with them? We’re excited to try this in our own lives.

Bonus Game Page from Paleo Approach Dinner Club by Paleo Parents

Since it’s Sarah, of course, she’s also included plenty of scientific information on AIP and why following this protocol is a good idea for those with autoimmune issues. This will be super helpful for the people who just don’t get it and maybe they’ll be willing to have a weekly or monthly dinner party with you once reading The Paleo Approach Dinner Club eBook!

Contents Spread

Honestly, this is such an inspired idea for anyone who wants to give a diet change a try but afraid to jump in alone or people who are tired of working around the provided SAD food at parties and would like a chance to make friends with people who share their choices. Paleo and the autoimmune protocol don’t have to be depressing if you can find a way to make it fun! This ebook is a perfect way to find that fun. Get it here now!

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Mo matter how you structure your Dinner Club, The Paleo Approach Dinner Club e-book will help you get organized!  There’s a huge variety of resources to help you fit a Dinner Club into your life and make it happen.  The Paleo Approach Dinner Club e-book makes it easy with a schedule for who makes what recipe for what get-together at whose home, tips on how to host and support the other members of your Dinner Club, and of course, over 80 delicious recipes!!!!!

Meal Plan Spread

Here’s what you’ll find in this jam-packed 178-page e-book:
  • Intro to the Paleo Approach diet for those of you who don’t own The Paleo Approach or The Paleo Approach Cookbook.
  • Everything you need to know to set-up your own Dinner Club
  • 12 complete Dinner Club meals, each with at least 5 recipes
  • 2 Bonus Dinner Club Meals
  • Kid’s Table Chapter with 9 kid-friendly recipes (including standard Paleo and AIP options)
  • 82 recipes including 63 new exciting recipes exclusive to this e-book and not available anywhere else!
  • Print-friendly schedule for who brings what where and when!
  • Ideas for Party Games for every Dinner Club get-together!  21 pages of game ideas!
  • Print-friendly!  The Paleo Approach Dinner Club e-book is only available as a digital download.  However, it has been thoughtfully formatted to easily print on regular 8.5″x11″ (letter sized) paper, so you can print your copy and keep in a binder or have it bound!
  • Printables of the recipes (for those who don’t want to print a full-color 178-page e-book!), organized for each member of the dinner club!
  • Every Dinner Club meal is 100% AIP!  You won’t find any gray-area foods in this book!
  • Other resources!  like where to buy ingredients and what to do for entertainment

All for only $16.99!!!!

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Please note, this is an electronic book. If you would like to purchase, click any of the links or photos in this post and you will be taken to the site for more information on how to do so. From there, after purchasing you will receive a link to download this book. If for some reason you have trouble, please contact The Paleo Mom because we are only contributors and cannot help with technical issues.


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