Instant Pot ALL THE THINGS! (Our Weekly Recap)

We’ve been testing Instant Pot recipes and trying out a new-to-us product: pork panko.

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Check out what we’re sharing this week:

  • DUELING INSTANT POTS: we’re using two – see what we’ve been making!
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES: Instant Pot How To and Hard-boiled Eggs in the IP
  • WHAT WE’RE EATING: grain-free chips and Bacon’s Heir Pork Dust
  • WHAT WE’RE READING: brand new Paleo Instant Pot cookbook!
  • WHAT WE’RE USING: Instant Pot accessories, we love our extra bowl & steamer!

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Our Real Life

side note: I cannot wait until our kitchen reno is done and we get a gas range again!

I spy with my little eye… TWO Instant Pots ! We seriously love and use ours so often we also have an extra bowl (3 total) and a steamer insert. This week we helped our friends test some recipes for upcoming book. We used the two IPs to make chicken in one and then rice followed by steamed veggies in the other. If you aren’t using an IP, you’re missing out! The Instant Pot has become a staple in our kitchen- we couldn’t imagine getting dinner on the table without it! We’ve been testing recipes from Jen from Predominately Paleo’s new Instant Pot cookbook this week… you guys are going to LOVE this one!

We made the Savory Sausage and Spinach Soup from Jen’s new book, and Katsudon by The Domestic Man from Paleo Takeout (using crushed pork rind dust for the breading!). We’re helping Russ test out recipes for his upcoming book, too – but it’s not official yet… so look for that announcement soon!

Both were as insanely good! We included them on our detailed monthly meal plan, too – found here.

From the Archives

Instant Pot How To + Recipe Round-Up

Video: How to Make Hardboiled Eggs in the Instant Pot (and a tutorial on how to use it)

What We’re Eating

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips and Wraps

We got a shipment in the mail of all our favorite flavors and it has been a great snack with guacamole and we made homemade nachos last week (featured in our January meal plan). Since Stacy can’t eat corn, these are our absolute favorite chip!

Pork “Panko” crushed pork rinds for use as breading

I wish we’d thought of this when we wrote Beyond Bacon – so genius! Ground-up pork rinds makes an amazing “flour” and breading. We used it as a coating on pork chops and it reminded me of shake and bake – perfectly crisp & juicy!

What We’re Reading

Affordable Paleo Cooking with Your Instant Pot

What We’re Using

Instant Pot

Extra Bowl for the Instant Pot

Steamer Insert for the Instant Pot


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