ICYMIM February 7th: Mascara & Hair Beauty Hacks

In quarantine I avoided haircuts, then suddenly my hair was long and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But I’ve been testing out EASY ways to wear it, and am excited to share my supermodel dream hair that – I kid you not – takes 2 minutes. Makeup and hair is a self expression for me, a way to feel good by shining from the inside out. But If you’re like me and constantly short on time, you love good time saving short cuts. Earlier this week, I shared some of my go-to shortcuts for hair and makeup on Instagram, but in case you missed it, here are some tried-and-true beauty hacks I live by!

Mascara Removal Hack That WON’T Damage Your Lashes

I love a good shortcut, but I’ve avoided this one because of potential lash damage. But now, with Think Big All in One Mascara (that has nourishing lash ingredients) I’ve been double-wearing my mascara and my lashes still look lovely! I haven’t seen any breakage or fall out whatsoever! 

Why I recommend a cleansing oil to remove makeup, especially water-resistant mascara:

  • Oil is the key to breaking down makeup (it will slide right off)
  • It causes less friction or pulling around the soft eye, meaning it causes fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Nourishing oils lift excess sebum, clean out clogged pores, and removes dead skin, pollutants, and makeup

Most eye makeup removers use oil as a key ingredient, so instead of buying two separate products, get a cleansing oil for washing AND removing makeup. Cleansing balms can work well, too, but I personally have the best results with Countertime Cleansing Oil because of how it milks up and washes right off.

Plus, I LOVE the added bonus of anti-aging benefits and the absolute luxe way it makes me feel.

Watch the whole tutorial here

Rub two pumps into dry skin, and add water to milk up. Massage into your lash line to break down the mascara and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Or go to bed with it on and wake up with it all over you. Wipe away with a gentle oil and reapply your Mascara for a fresh look.

The essential ingredients are so nourishing to your lashes you’ll find they grow well over time and look great! I tested both ways in the above tutorial.

Read the original post here and watch the full tutorial. And for more on sensitive skincare, check this post about my Sensitive Skin Secrets!

Curl Refresh for Second-Day Hair

I have figured out how to have the curls of my dreams, and this is one of my beauty hacks I just have to share with you!

First, I use this dry shampoo on my roots and increase the volume since my curls get a little flat and crazy on day two. Then, go through with a curling iron and touch up the shape. The key here is to use a wand that’s thicker on the end because it will offer a more natural wave appearance, since natural curls loosen towards the end. I use this one.

When wrapping my hair around the wand, I leave a tail at the end of the curl to give it a more natural look. Then, I gently move the curl back and forth over the wand for looser curls after it’s set for a few seconds – total about 7 or 8 seconds is all it takes.

I follow up with a this hydrating spray to refresh other areas of the hair, especially under the back of my hair , then scrunch to lock-in and go! 

See the original video on Instagram here.

Watch the whole tutorial here

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