ICYMIM March 14th: Spring Cleaning & Equal Rights

It’s been a week of decluttering and organizing for me- both my office and my thoughts. There’s nothing quite like daylight savings and a spring snow storm to shake things up. So, in case you missed it, here’s an inside look at my spring cleaning project and some reflection for Women’s Month.

Spring Cleaning!

It’s spring and I finally updated my office. We’ve lived in our house for 6 years, and the space off our Master Bedroom has been a catch-all for most of that time. We had a couch and a TV in there as a sort of “emergency space” for when the kids were younger, since none of us have TVs in our bedrooms.

Because I use this space mainly for my office now, I decided to finally take out all the stuff unrelated to my work. It allowed me space for a vanity for when I do my tutorials, so I can do them in a better space than my closet! But don’t worry- I’ll still report in from there pretty often.

I was also able to fit my big, beloved mirror, too, so I won’t have to clean the bedroom every time I want to do try-ons for you! To say I’m ridiculously excited is an understatement.

If you’re thinking of revamping a space in your house this spring, or just doing a regular round of spring cleaning, here’s a few things I’ve learned: 

  • Focus on the purpose you want the space to serve, and organize everything accordingly.
  • There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so have fun with it.
  • Plan a time… or don’t. I find when I’m procrastinating other things is when I usually start a big side project. It helped me to plan a day and time for this one – which also supported my own procrastination.
  • Don’t be afraid to get rid of things! Life is a journey, and chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff you (and your family) have since outgrown. Give yourself permission to make room. When you can find the things you really love it will bring more joy than seeing a bunch of stuff you don’t.
  • Remember, nobody’s perfect – case in point:


Women’s Month & Equal Rights

So, I had a bit of revelation this International Women’s day, y’all, and it’s that I’m tired.

Since I was a teen, I’ve been passionate about empowering woman. I still have the “I’m the radical feminist” NOW sticker on my CD binder from 1998! I went on to minor in Women’s Studies with an English degree in a Cultural Criticism concentration because I wanted to write about injustice and help solve the problems I saw in the world.

As I matured, I realized my goal wasn’t just to write about change, but to be the change and lead others to do the same. I did it in a corporate environment the best I could, before realizing I could make a bigger impact by pursuing my passions.

But I am tired.

I’m tired of women needing a day to remind everyone of our merit. I’m tired of our country, a country founded on equality, unwilling to pass the Equal Rights Amendment and consistently taking freedoms rather than protecting them. Tired of seeing woman and children abused or killed for men’s egos in a broken system. I’m tired of having to be an educator on something that’s obvious and yet still not upheld.

If you are celebrating womyn’s rights for equality this month, can I ask you to take things a step further? Find someone not registered to vote and help them because every voice matters. Maybe donate to an organization that fights for a womyn’s causes you care about.

I would love to celebrate the day when womyn have the same right as my by law, and only we can be the change we want to see in the world.

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