ICYMIM February 28th: Trans Kids Rights + Fat Phobia

It’s been a week of big ups and downs from a global scale to our everyday lives. So in case you missed it, here’s this week’s highlights touching on trans kids rights and fat phobia.

Big News For Trans Kids

And not the good kind.

Texas just recently declared trans medical care is child abuse. They’re also demanding supportive parents of trans kids be investigated for abuse. If you’re in Texas and this concerns you, please reach out to your representatives. This is so shocking and heartbreaking, and it puts kids’ lives at risk.

I am very privileged to live in a county that’s supportive of children’s’ identity. In fact, Kiddo’s biological extended family was considered by the state, and it was immediately marked as not possible because they were expressly not supportive. So where in Virginia I’m licensed to be a supportive foster parent, in Texas I’m a “child abuser”… it’s just heartbreakingly untrue.

I’ve seen first-hand what a supportive family has done for Kiddo. The growth and progress they’ve made to live a life where they no longer want to die. I am so thankful that my ability to share has helped so many broaden their understanding and feel compassion for foster and trans youths.

When Kiddo told Matt and me about “our song” we both got misty-eyed. We had to share another example of why unconditional love is so important so if you haven’t checked out the video I made in honor of it, watch it here.

Fat Phobia Epiphany

Is anyone else avoiding trying on your pre-quarantine clothes? I don’t weigh myself very often, so I have no other measure than whether or not my clothes fit. And I was shaming myself after ASSUMING my pants didn’t fit.

Here’s the thing: as educated as I am, I am not perfect. It still gets to me. Growth when overcoming a diet culture mindset is perpetual. When I thought “I wish I could wear those jeans I love,” I decided to actually try them on before adding them to the donate pile. Much to my delight, after 2+ years in a drawer they still fit.

Y’all, I bought jeans to replace them before even trying them on- that’s how convinced I was they didn’t fit. That is fat phobia. The fear of being fat(ter). That is weight shame and body dysmorphia at work. The only way to out-grow it is to notice it, accept it, call it out, and practice self-acceptance.

And you know what? Even if they didn’t fit, that’s fine too! If you’re still unsure, check out the full video for a quick pep talk!

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