ICYMIM February 21st: Mexico Recap & New Bling

I’m home after a work trip to Punta Mita, and I can’t wait to share all the deets with you! So in case you missed it, here’s my Mexico recap- plus a peek at my new ring!

Punta Mita, Mexico Recap

I got to bring my mom to paradise!

I earned this trip in 2019 to take in 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. My mom LOVES the beach, and since I got to bring a guest, it was an absolute no-brainer. Matt’s an introvert, plus this allowed him to stay home with the kids while I got to spoil my mom rotten!

This was the first time I’ve flown since the pandemic – and it was incredible! The safety precautions for this trip were as top notch as the trip itself, and our meals were just lovely. Going to Mexico where menus were pre-planned had me scared, but the Four Seasons did an INCREDIBLE job at delivering nightshade-free, delicious accommodations. I’m already missing that avocado toast, with fresh fish and local ingredients. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the (non-alcoholic) passionfruit mojito!

What we did

I am not one much for the beach (I feel the same way as Anakin Skywalker about sand), but I didn’t realize how much I missed (even as an introvert) human connection. Conversation with intelligent, thoughtful, different humans over a wonderful meal.

I think my favorite part, however, was Whale Watching. Despite the not-really-hot-enough weather and water, I signed mom and I up for the snorkel boat. Knowing that even just going out on the water would be wonderful. And it was, the views were AMAZING! So much so that we saw more Humpback Whales than I could count. There were so many mama’s surfacing with their babes, I was memorized! It has always been a bucket list item for me, and to be surprised by whales just appearing on our ride to and from the snorkel area was truly magical. I loved having that experience with my mom and friends I haven’t seen in years!

What Travel Was Like

I was SO stressed to go – and almost cancelled, several times. But, honestly, I was surprised how easy the overall international process was and would definitely go again. Mom and I are both vaccinated and boosted, so by wearing masks (I never took mine off on travel days) and washing or sanitizing often, we felt safe. At the resort everything was outside or in the open. Then, we simply had to have a certified test no more than 24 hours before our flight. Our hotel provided the testing service for us, but the airport did as well.

Leaving for any amount of time is beyond hard for Kiddo, but so far away was scary. We worked through it as much as we could beforehand. We established the ways that they were safe, that I was coming back, and that I still loved them even though I was leaving. It was important for us to establish that healthy attachment – and thanks to Matt’s patience and parenting, we got through it together. As a family.

My New Bling

If you recall Matt and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary. I took the opportunity to “downgrade” my ring (lol). I think the idea of the perfect diamond and weddings set marriages up for failure. Nothing is ever perfect. In fact, it takes years of pressure and hard work to become better versions of yourself together.

When I was looking for a new yellow gold band to match my grandmother and great-grandmother’s rings I have since inherited, I wanted something that reflected our marriage. The intentional imperfections in these salt and pepper slices were the perfect fit.

Years of being together under pressure, turning dirt to diamonds over time. Seeing, accepting, and loving the “flaws,” knowing that there is no perfect person, marriage, or diamond. The imperfections are what make us special and celebrating them is what marriage is really about.


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