ICYMI Monday Sept 5th: Intuitive Eating + Independent Parenting

Y’all, these last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions. When I started this blog over a decade ago, my three boys were so little and sending all FOUR of my kids to secondary school hit me harder than I ever imagined. So I’ve been dealing with some food cravings and that’s okay! That’s my body telling me what I need, physically AND emotionally. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve all come! So in case you missed it, here’s an intuitive eating and parenting update!

Intuitive Eating

If I’ve learned anything on this wellness journey, it’s that your brain, hormones, and everything else are all connected. So, if your body is peaking to you, LISTEN! Both you and your body deserve to feel nourished and treated with care.

While intuitive eating is much more involved, the basics is just listening. Around a certain time of the month, my body craves sushi. Anti-inflammatory fish with healthy Omega 3s is also brain food for the inevitable fog that comes with Aunt Flo, and my body probably craves rice for fuel. Yes! Our bodies run on sugar (glucose!).

While nothing we do will ever be perfect, especially for those of us with a history of ED, but initiative eating and listening to your body means choosing progress over perfection. Does my brain also tell me I crave ice cream? Yes! And I enjoy it without guilt.

Raising Independent Kids

Sending the kids to school has really driven home why Matt and I do everything we do. When it comes to our kids (even the ones that stay for a brief time), our goal is to help them become their own empowered, independent people.

Kiddo, who had severe trauma and avoidance around school, went with nonchalance and came home from their FIRST EVER bus ride like it was no big deal. Thinking back to those four hour drop off that triggered abandonment… I cannot tell you how proud I am of how far they’ve come.

Finn is a freshman with zero friends in his classes this year. But he made the decision to keep his schedule the way it is in order to make more friends. Like… what?? As every teen mom does from time-to-time, I wonder about these kids. And then times like now, I am BEAMING with pride.

My Oldest Turned 17!

In my previous In Case You Missed It Monday, I posted about celebrating Kiddo’s 16 birthday!

Then the following week, my oldest turned 17! Cole is generally a quiet person, so I tend not to share him much on social media. But it hit me earlier this week that though he will always be MY kid, this is his last year being A kid. Where did that time go??

I am so proud of how independent he is. He does an amazing job helping us out at home, whether it be with dinner, his siblings, or anything else we need. He found a core group of friends who he does live gaming with, loves cooking, and is wicked smart. And while he does have his license, he’s not so keen on driving yet.

I am SO grateful to still have time around him. For his birthday, we spent the day together as just the three of us hanging out and going to lunch. And while it’s bittersweet knowing he won’t be a kid much longer, I can honestly say I am so excited to see the adult he continues to become!

Covid-19 Round 2

With back to school, I know we’re far from alone on this. But last week, Matt and I tested positive for Covid! We occupied rooms away from the kids, and Matt’s experience was a lot worse than mine.

I started testing negative in just a few days, so it looks like my immune system fought it off pretty quickly. It might have something to do with battling Long Covid for two years, but I am so proud of my body– despite not having a “perfect” diet.

The kids did an awesome job taking care of the things we normally do.  It’s an odd feeling to see your children become adults and begin to take care of you. Like– this is the future. This is the cycle of life. And it’s both wonderful and sad!

For more details, check out the full post I made about it here.


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